Health Charms Recipes


Tier I : Iron Charm

0a785  0KtPNcT Health Charms Recipes

Tier II : Golden Charm

0a785  RqzcfMG Health Charms Recipes

Tier III : Quartz Charm

0a785  v2u7CUH Health Charms Recipes

Tier IV : Emerald Charm

Now requires 2 emeralds

0a785  XPx78Sr Health Charms Recipes

Tier V : Diamond Charm

0a785  Khetwod Health Charms Recipes

Ingame Gui: Can be configured in the config file. find it in .minecraft/config/Charms.cfg

Just so you dont always have to look at the item.

  • Hearts can be configured visible or invisible.
  • Hearts can be configured to show as half or full hearts. will alo affect the number.
  • The ourple part you can see is the cooldown.
  • Hud bar will now switch up and down if necesairy.
  • Hud bar can be flipped left in config.

Charm Items have tooltips, so you can always keep track of their information. Charms have a cooldown, so it’s not to over powered. the cooldown is 30 seconds for every tier. Charms need to be equiped in the last hotbarslot !!!!

Works great with noHero’s more health mod. This is a nice addition to divine rpg, as mobs are very powerful.


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