Helpful Villagers Screenshots


1j8RJlI Helpful Villagers Screenshots

The lumberjack will look for and cut down trees, as well as plant saplings to keep forests replenished. Also,
lumberjacks will never harvest any wood that’s inside a village so there’s no need to worry about him destroying


rHBU0yw Helpful Villagers Screenshots

The miner will find a spot outside the village then start digging downward in a spiral pattern to prevent possible
dangers and also to allow easy access to the surface. Whenever the miner detects any ores nearby he will dig a
side tunnel and mine them. Once he reaches the bottom he will climb back to the top and start another mine
somewhere else



7YFcHze Helpful Villagers Screenshots

The farmer will search the village for any wheat, carrot, potato, melon, or pumpkin farms. Once he finds one he
will harvest all fully grown crops, replant new ones, then come back to check on them the next day.



8qvgG0V Helpful Villagers Screenshots

All villagers can be equipped with armor to protect them. Also, villager health now slowly regenerates over time.


Guild Halls

nLHh2PF Helpful Villagers Screenshots

A guild hall must be built before changing a villager’s profession. To build a guild hall you must first choose a building that has a door. Once you have the building you want place an item frame next to the door in any one of the places shown above then place an item corresponding to the profession you want the guild hall to be (for example, axe for lumberjack) on that item frame. Now you should be able to change the profession of your villagers.


Soldiers and Archers

11Z6Cl2 Helpful Villagers Screenshots

Soldiers and Archers will use swords and bows, respectively, to protect their village from hostile mobs. They will also, on command, follow and protect individual villagers.

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    October 8, 2016, 5:39 am

    The dialogue box to change profession works, but when I select change profession, it keeps telling me to build a guild hall, but I’ve already done that. None of the professions are working.

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