Herobrine Reborn Screenshots and Recipes

Items in the mod:

The items in the mod… Not that much so far.


Stone golem:

This hardy creature lives in the world. He has lots of health and takes no knockback. A challenge for beginning players.


This foul presence lurks around in the forest, waiting for a victim to murder.


Ah, good ol’ corbalk. This tough guy is a boss, with 1000 health. He takes no knockback and will keep fighting until the death.


There is only one set of armor in this mod: the cobalt armor. It’s between the strength of diamond and iron, and has good durability.


There is only one dimension so far, which is the “Cobalt Chasms.”

The portal blocks are the Cobalt Portal Blocks, and you ignite the portal with a Cobalt Portal Igniter. Pretty straight forward.

One more thing: The portal is shaped like a nether portal.


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