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The Statues:

Each statue is comprised of three parts: the head, the torso, and the feet. When combined, these parts work in tandem to produce the unique effect of that statue, by forming a sort of ‘sentence’ that the player can modify by switching out parts. A new piece often means a new effect, so experiment with all the possible combinations and remember the names of the ones you like most!

1. Hephaestus- Armorer to the Gods and Patron of Metallurgy!

  • ‘Heph’: Enchant/Repair
  • ‘aes’: in nearest chest
  • ‘tus’: weapon or armor.

10eab  cgsKB Household Gods Screenshots

2. Demeter- Goddess of Nature and Growth!

  • ‘De’: Grow
  • ‘met’: up to 3
  • ‘er’: plants.

f0e78  YrnWY Household Gods Screenshots

3. Anubis- Protector of the Dead!

  • ‘An’: Hurt
  • ‘u’: all
  • ‘bis’: living.

f0e78  THAe6 Household Gods Screenshots

4. Beowulf- Slayer of Monsters and Hero of the Geats!

  • ‘Be’: Kill
  • ‘o’: strongest
  • ‘wulf’: monster.

f0e78  RqkSO Household Gods Screenshots

5. Prometheus- Far-Sighted Giver of Fire!

  • ‘Pro’: Create
  • ‘meth’: near player
  • ‘eus’: flint & steel.

f0e78  fmMKS Household Gods Screenshots

6. Jupiter- King of Gods and Master of Lightning!

  • ‘Ju’: Call lightning
  • ‘pi’: quickly to
  • ‘er’: random location.

f0e78  wSsKz Household Gods Screenshots

7. Kokopelli- The Trickster Musician!

  • ‘Ko’: Play
  • ‘ko’: at nearest player location
  • ‘pelli’: a scary sound!

f0e78  Rh35T Household Gods Screenshots

8. Aphrodite- Goddess of Fertility and Love!

  • ‘Aph’: Mate
  • ‘rod’: two
  • ‘ite’: animals.

6aee3  bVuwS Household Gods Screenshots

9. Hestia- Protector of the Hearth!

  • ‘Hes’: Give/Place
  • ‘t’: to player/in Furnace
  • ‘ia’: food.

6aee3  xe22H Household Gods Screenshots

10. Mammon- Greed Personified!

  • ‘Mam’: Summon
  • ‘m’: to surface
  • ‘on’: ores.

6aee3  5A1CV Household Gods Screenshots

11. Poseidon- Lord of the Oceans!

  • ‘Pos’: Spawn
  • ‘ei’: at sea level
  • ‘don’: water.

6aee3  bQq7A Household Gods Screenshots

12. Quetzalcoatl- The Winged Serpent!

  • ‘Quet’: Drop
  • ‘zal’: near statue
  • ‘coatl: seeds.

6aee3  19UxB Household Gods Screenshots

3. Minerva- Wisdom Herself!

  • ‘Min’: Spawn
  • ‘er’: in random location
  • ‘va’: books/maps/experience bottles.

6aee3  sfp9W Household Gods Screenshots

14. Asclepius- Master of Medicines!

  • ‘Asc’: Heal
  • ‘lep’: nearest hurt
  • ‘ius’: player.

6aee3  xfuId Household Gods Screenshots

Miscellaneous Tips:

  • Each statue piece has a different speed, some slower and some faster, and the combined speed of each piece is how long before the next time the statue will activate!
  • Pieces of the same set will have a synergistic effect when 2 or more are used together. Discover all the synergies!
  • Statue pieces cannot be crafted, only found. Keep an eye out for the unusual as they may be buried.

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