Illuminated Bows Screenshots

Have you ever come across a situation like this?

“I wish I could see what was down there before I risk my life…

Well now, you can!
Introducting Illuminated Bows – for all your illumination needs.

Just look at all that portable light!

Mmmmmm…. Coal…

So just what do you get for your hard earned kilobytes? I’m glad you asked!

Illuminated Bow
The illuminated bow is what you’ll need in order to shoot out those fragile light sources. A normal bow just won’t cut it – it’s edges far too rough and run the risk of ruining your shot. To get an illuminated bow simply infuse a regular bow with some glowstone inside Thermal Expansion’s Fluid Transposer. This will smooth off your edges and leave you with just the right tool for portable light. What does it shoot though?

Illuminated Arrows
Follow a similar process to the bow and you’ll get yourself some illuminated arrows. These wonderful little tools will fly right out the front of your illuminated bow and give you a light source wherever they land. Unfortunately, the hardening of the glowstone means the arrows will shatter on impact, meaning they are not reusable. But hey, at least they’re relatively cheap.
The light sources themselves also make a nice alternative to a lamp!

“But wait a second”, I hear you say, “Isn’t there 124 other mods that allow me to shoot torches?”
Well yes, hypothetical forum user, there is. But shooting a torch comes with problems. If you shoot it flamey-bit at the end, it’ll probably go out as it flies. If you shoot it the other way, you’ll burn your little fingies off. Doesn’t seem practical, does it? Through the power of glowstone you can take advantage of the solid-ness and no burniness to give you just what you need.

But wait, there’s more! Download now and you’ll get more illuminating features ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Illuminated Trees
Don’t you hate it when you wake up in the morning and there’s 6 skeletons under a tree just waiting for you to open your door? I know I do. Presenting the illuminated tree!

Not only does this tree emit light, stopping mobs spawning under it, it’s leaves are also fully transparent, meaning the little buggers will burn underneath it too!
Illuminated trees will drop saplings but at a much lower rate than a regular tree. Every now and then, they might just drop a little something to help you on your illuminating ways too…

But how does one get an illuminating tree? The answer, of course, an illuminated sapling!

Illuminated Sapling
Just infuse a regular oak sapling with some more energized glowstone, and plant it in the ground.

After a bit of time or bonemeal, you’ll end up with your brand new illuminated tree!

Illuminated Blocks
When you trim your trees, you’ll grab some illuminated wood. Great for pillars! Craft these for illuminated planks. Craft these into illuminated stairs! The list is endless! Actually, it’s not. Wood related products end here.

Illuminated leaves are, of course, shearable, and when placed back down will still glow. It won’t be long and you’ll have an entirely illuminated house!

No more torches!


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