Insectia Recipes


Treated Stick

Insectia Mod

Used in a few recipes. Not too expensive, but a bit time consuming to make.


Insectia ModInsectia ModInsectia ModInsectia Mod

Used to break certain blocks and producing insects. Scoop is use on dirt, Sand Shifter on sand, Bug Catcher on leaves, and Spider Net on Webs, Saplings, or cacti. Insects have different spawn rates, so while the Spider net is more robust, it’s drops are rarer than the others.


Frame Block

Insectia Mod

Used in many block recipes. Can also use Tin Ingots instead of iron if another mod adds tin.

Insect Housing

Insectia ModInsectia ModInsectia ModInsectia Mod

Where your bugs will live once you’ve captured them. Different types of housing exist, and paring the right insect with the right housing will result in them living longer. Simply right click one with an insect in hand to store it and Shift+Right Click with an empty hand to get the items your little buddies produced. Note some insects will not work unless it is day time or if there is a torch near their housing.

Status Block

Insectia Mod

Place one of these on top of any insect housing and right click it. It will tell you the current status of your insect as well as any items they have produced.

Growth Chamber

Insectia Mod

Your insects may occasionally leave behind larvae after they pass away. Drop a larvae within one (by right clicking with larvae in hand) of these and wait. Shift+Right Clicking will tell you how many ticks till they’ve mature. Right click again to retrieve the fully grown insect.



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