LambdaCraft Screenshots


  • 9mm handgun & 357
  • 9mmAR with AR grenade
  • Crossbow
  • Tau Cannon
  • Egon
  • A lot more…


  • Snark
  • Headcrab Zombie
  • Alien Slave
  • Houndeye
  • Headcrab
  • Barnacle


  • HEV Suit( Using electricity, absorbing damage)
  • Longjump backpack (Provides high speed movement)
  • Battery
  • Medkit
  • Sentrygun


  • Electricty Related Blocks (Generator, Battery Boxes …)
  • Medkit Filler
  • Health Charger
  • Armor Charger

Other Elements

  • Automatic Item/Block id finding
  • Easter Eggs?
  • IndustrialCraft 2 support

XEN Dimension

  • Float Islands
  • Special Resources& Unique View


H.E.V Head Up Display

While wearing both H.E.V. chestplate and helmet, the H.E.V. head up display will be activated. The Head up Display in LambdaCraft provides Health&Armor value monitoring, Electricity monitoring, Weapon ammunition monitoring(Only when attached the Ammo Managing Module). Also it has many sound effects to tell you the user’s situation.

Custom Crosshair

Custom Sprays

Mod Screenshots:

6e2af  xenguass 1024x640 LambdaCraft Screenshots
9c3bf  E789A9E59381E4BB8BE7BB8D 1024x565 LambdaCraft Screenshots


As for Half-Life, it’s unique weapons gives players lots of awesome expriences. Now all the weapons in Half-Life 1 has been re-made into Minecraft in LambdaCraft. Most of the weapons use techne model and can use both left&right mouse to shoot, without interrupting running and sprinting. Hope you’ll find what you felt in HL in LambdaCraft ^^
9c3bf  9mmar 1024x571 LambdaCraft Screenshots
9c3bf  crossbow 1024x598 LambdaCraft Screenshots
9c3bf  egon 1024x601 LambdaCraft Screenshots
9c3bf  gauss 1024x619 LambdaCraft Screenshots

2.Tools and Euqipments

In Half-Life, you must have a deep impression about the H.E.V. suit that Gordon Freeman wears. In LambdaCraft, we also added lots of stuffs about H.E.V into it, including the suit itself, health charger, armor charger……As for the suit, it can absorb large amounts of damage, and some attachments can be attached to it( Ammo managing, Longjump, Defense upgrade, … ).Also, the head-up display is what you must exprience…
9c3bf  turret 1024x652 LambdaCraft Screenshots
57235  HEVHud 1024x652 LambdaCraft Screenshots
57235  Blocks 1024x588 LambdaCraft Screenshots

3. Mobs and XEN dimension!!!

The unique monsters in Half-Life must be impressing on first play. So how about seeing and fighting against it in minecraft?
The xen dimension is currently still under developing and didn’t release it’s full potentional…Got any ideas?

57235  02 LambdaCraft Screenshots

57235  allmobs 1024x600 LambdaCraft Screenshots



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