Laser Creeper Robot Dino Riders Recipes

To Create you very own T-R3X 1000 you must 1st craft a Raw T-R3X 1000 Egg.


Then take the Raw T-R3X 1000 Egg and smelt it in a furnace to weld it all together.


This will give you a fully constructed T-R3X 1000 Egg. Once you have the T-R3X 1000 Egg you can place it down and after 25 -30 seconds you will have your very own TAME T-R3X 1000. To make your baby T-R3X 1000 grow and reach it’s maximum power requirements you will have to feed it

x64 Redstone Blocks. Whenever your T-R3X 1000 takes damage it can be repaired by feeding it more Redstone Blocks (right click on it).

Only then will you be able to ride it by making a T-R3X Control Module.


To Equip your T-R3X 1000 with the Control Module it must be fully charged (grown) – then just right click it and your mount will be ready.

To Ride your very own Robot Dino just click on it with an empty hand and you will mount it. The T-R3X 1000 can not jump but it can run very fast and climb up most blocks easily.

The Laser Blaster recipe is below.

Laser Blaster Core


Laser Blaster Barrel


Plasma Power Unit


Laser Blaster Grip


Laser Blaster: You will get x64 shots before having to re-fuel it . This can be done by crafting the Empty Laser Blaster with a with a Plasma Power Unit which is crafted from Laser Creeper Plasma in a 3×3.


Re-Fueling a Laser Blaster




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