Legend Gear Screenshots

Hearts and Shards
Legend Gear Mod
Slain enemies and the new Mystic Shrubs have a chance to drop hearts, which instantly heal you a small amount when collected, and emerald shards, which can be assembled into emeralds if you collect a lot of them – a total of 64 shards makes 1 emerald. To assemble emerald shards, hold a stack of at least 8 of them and right-click to make an emerald piece, and do the same with emerald pieces to make emeralds. If you need to make change, you can craft an emerald into 8 pieces, and a piece into 8 shards, using the crafting grid.

Mystic Shrubs
Legend Gear Mod
Legend Gear Mod
These fascinating teal plants grow in clusters scattered across the landscape. They can be chopped down to get a chance of hearts, shards, and arrows, and will slowly regrow on their own. During a thunderstorm, they become energized, dropping more valuable things, and with a chance of very special prizes – but they will discharge with a lightning strike if you or a mob steps on them, so be careful! Mystic shrubs cannot be transplanted with shears, but the very rare Mystic Seed will allow you to grow a new cluster of them.

Bombs and Bomb Flowers
Legend Gear Mod
Bombs are a new throwable item, with a maximum stack size of 16. Bombs explode 4 seconds after being thrown, dealing a moderate amount of explosive damage and very high knockback in an area of effect, without damaging blocks. Bombs cannot be crafted, but can be gotten from energized mystic shrubs, or from a creeper that dies to an explosion. They can also be harvested from Bomb Flowers, which grow near lava, if you have a Bomb Bag. Bomb Flowers can be transplanted by shears if fully grown, and will grow on smooth stone or netherrack next to a pool of lava (similar to sugarcane’s growth requirements).


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