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After forming a contract with your maid, you are able to change her hair color and some other features by right-clicking her with dye. Maid are available in all sixteen minecraft colors!


By placing certain items in the first slot of the maid’s inventory and giving her sugar, different modes will trigger:


When maids have nothing better to do, you can give her sugar without having any of the special items in the fist slot and it will set wait mode. The maid will stay in the same spot and it will not move


Every newly contracted maid will be in this mode. Escorts will follow you around and pick up any items it detects.


Just place any sword in the first slot of the maid’s inventory and give her some sugar. Fencers will attack any HOSTILE entity near you. Damage taken by the maid is restored by giving her sugar in her inventory.


Place a bow on the maid’s inventory first slot and activate archer mode by giving her sugar. Archer’s aim is comparable to that of skeletons in the game. Archers will attack Hostile mobs. Arrows will be consumed when shooting so remember to stock your archer with arrows in her inventory.


Axe on first slot. Bloodsuckers will attack any entity deemed neutral (sheep, pig, chicken, cow) or hostile (mobs) To change which entities are neutral/hostile just right-click your little maid with a book (will be consumed on use) and a GUI will pop up to let you change the settings.

Ripper: (bugged at the moment)

Shears on first slot, the maid will shear wool of nearby sheep.


Only available at night or in dark areas. By placing torches on the first slot and activating her, the maid will go into torcher mode and place torches around you, providing some light.


Maids can cook! By placing coal/charcoal on the maid’s first slot and giving her sugar, you will be activating cooking mode. In cooking mode, the maid will cook any raw meats, potatoes, or ore placed in her inventory. She will stay by the furnace until everything gets cooked or smelted.


By placing splash potions or cooked food on the maid’s first slot and giving her sugar, Healer mode will be activated. In healer mode, the maid will follow you and heal you/ feed you when your health/hunger is low.


Placing a clock in the maid inventory allows her announce the time inside the game.
It is necessary to add certain voices and configure the .cfg files to work this function.
Some new parameters are added for voice. *Only available if you downloaded and installed the soundpack.


If you want to “force” your maid to follow you somewhere, simply right click her with some string and walk wherever you want, your maid will follow!

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  1. I did exactly what you said to give them jobs but it still didn’t work. I gave my maid a stack of coal and a stack of raw meat in the first slot then I placed a furnace and she didn’t cook anything. I also gave my maid a sword in the first slot and where it says escorter in her inventory didn’t change (this happened for every job I gave them)



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