Magic Crusade RPG Screenshots and Recipes

The Mod:

A sort of mod’s wiki. Here, you’ll get all about the mod (items, mobs, dungeons, classes…) nice reading to you!

• Classes System:

– Warrior: Magic Crusade RPG Mods
He has a powerful and unique sword which can be charged by right-clicking. Magic Crusade RPG Mods
His damages are permanently increased.
He has a fury (rage) gauge which increase by hiting mob’s. It can be use to use his spells.

– Rogue Magic Crusade RPG Mods
He starts with a unique dagger, which poison ennemis. Magic Crusade RPG Mods
He runs faster and can jump higher.
He has a gauge of vigor to use his spells

– Mage: Magic Crusade RPG Mods
He has a Magic staff, throwing fired-redstone. Magic Crusade RPG Mods
He has many spells which can be launch with his mana gauge.

– Necromancer: Magic Crusade RPG Mods 
He starts with a magic staff. This one can fire every ennemi around him. ht
His spell mainly revive death monsters to protect him.
He uses the Mana.

 Hunter: Magic Crusade RPG Mods
He has a powerful bow which allow him to use his spell. Magic Crusade RPG Mods
He uses the vigor, and his spell can enchant his arrow (poison, knocback, fire…)

 Priest: Magic Crusade RPG Mods
He has an unique staff which throw holy particles.
He can invoke Holy Blaze, heal and buff himself!

(Screenshot when you first connect to your World.)

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

• Spells: -> There is to way to use spell. You can right click with the spell item, or configue maccro’s. (maccro can be configured by pressing “P”, it may be the easiest way to play)

– Warrior: Magic Crusade RPG Mods
-> Electric explosion: Random electric particles appears and inflicts random damages to nearby ennemis.
-> Charge Your caracter charge the way you’re looking for.
-> Sword Charge: By right clicking with your sword, it becames charged and your next hit will create a small explosion of particles.
-> Stone skin: Increase your armor for a while

– Rogue Magic Crusade RPG Mods
-> Invisibility, You became invisible.
-> Smaller, you became smaller
-> Dagger charging: You next hit will inflicts more damages and the poison will be more effective.
-> Assassination: You jump behind your target

– Mage: Magic Crusade RPG Mods 
-> Explosion: You create an explosion around you which inflicts severals damages to nearby ennemis.
-> Incineration: Fire particles + fire appears around you and every nearby ennemis became fired.
-> Arborestation: make a tree grow!
-> Jump: You can spam jump (sort of flying)
-> Implosion: Your ennemies implode (explosion + fire)
-> Arcane shot: You cast arcanes particles which will hit ennemis.
-> Transfert: You exchange your position with your target

– Necromancer: Magic Crusade RPG Mods 
-> Summon Skeleton: 4 Skeleton(1 hp) appears and protect you. Their aura is very powerful.
-> Devastation: A stone block hit nearby ennemis + you drain them 1 hp.
-> Dark Shot: Cast dark particles which will hit ennemis.
-> Summon a mutant zombi: Summon a mutant zombie which will protect you.

 Hunter: Magic Crusade RPG Mods
-> Summon wolves You can summon 4 wolves max.
-> Fired shoot: Your next arrow is fired.
-> Poisoned shot: Your next arrow is poisoned.
-> Bumping shot: Your next arrow has a knockback effect.
-> Explosive shot: Your next arrow will destroy the World…
-> Multiples shot: You’ll will next shoot 4 arrows.

 Priest: Magic Crusade RPG Mods
-> Summon holy blazes: You can summon 4 holy blazes max. (cf mobs for more informations)
-> Holy shoot: You cast holy particles which will inflicts damages to hited ennemis.
-> Purification: Holy particles spawn all around you; healing ally and inflicting damages to nearby ennemis.
-> Concentration: You get 3 buffs (heal, resistance and damageboost)
-> Holy explosion: You create a huge holy explosion around you.

• The Mystics Groves.

Recommended: Adjust your brightness to max for a better gameplay experience.
(Echap > Options > Video Settings > Brightness (max) )
To get into this dimension; you have to make a standar portal with Blue Wood (cf “Generation”) and active it with flint and steal.

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

This dimension with floating island has a loads of resources! You’ll find dungeons and 2 bosses.

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

You’ll find as well a load of new vegetations (blue vines, 6 or 7 new flowers, holy water)
(-> The holy water heal you if you stay inside)

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

• The other Biom; Dark Groves: (with structures generations)

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

• Dungeons: Dungeons allow you to drop rares items, such has your classe’s armor, magic stones, powerful staff…

This first dungeon randomly appear in the World; Are you ready to fight The Lord of the Dungeon? He will gave you the helmet of your classe’s armor.

(There is a hidden chest inside it)

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

Sand Dungeon:
You will only find it in desert. There is mainly sand slimes + sand bosses…

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

Orc Dungeon:
It appears in plains… you will easily recognize it; get ready to fight again the Orc King, Orc mage, orc warrior and goblins!
Magic Crusade RPG Mods

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

• + Manys dungeons in the new dimension you’ll have to discover….

• Mobs: Many mobs were adding to the Game!!!

-> Krakens:
They randomly appears in Ocean, they are invisible and deals heavy damages…
Magic Crusade RPG Mods

-> Stymphalides: These small animals can be tamed with dimensionals flowers. They can be very useful!
Magic Crusade RPG Mods

-> Crocottas: Aggresives and strong wolves.

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

-> Aries: (passive mobs)
Magic Crusade RPG Mods

-> Centaurs: They are passive but they ripost if you attack them. They can summon spider…
Magic Crusade RPG Mods

-> Elves, they can poisoned you.
Magic Crusade RPG Mods

-> Holy Blazes, summoned by Priest.
Their aura heals nearby allies and inflicts damages to ennemis, they got 2 Health points.
Magic Crusade RPG Mods

-> Mutants zombis, summoned by necromancers.
Magic Crusade RPG Mods

-> Flying mounts (dragons)

-> News npc’s. Some can be recruit and will protect you, others will give you objectives…

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

-> The Reptilard
He spawns in Nether only. He is very powerful and can spawn fire under you.

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

The Scorch: This dragon spawns in small island into the Mystic groves. He throw a lot of fireballs and can spawn lightning on you… Pay attention to this powerful boss!
Magic Crusade RPG Mods

Master of the Sky: You will only find him into a dungeon into the Mystic Groves. He is extremly powerful (480 hp), deals heavy damages (particles, explosions, 10 hp per hit), get ready for an epic fight!
Magic Crusade RPG Mods

-> Stone golem:
He spawns in Plains. He can bump you very high and summon falling stones… Pay attention to him!

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

-> The Lord of the Dungeon. He appears in dungeons. He has heavy damages and a powerful knockback effect. He his surround with manys mobs.

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

-> Sand Bosses + sand slimes: (inside desert dungeons, pay attention to explosion!)

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

-> King and Mages orcs: (inside the orc dungeon, will loot special item)
Magic Crusade RPG Mods

-> Goblins and Orcs, they spawn in the orc dungeon.
Magic Crusade RPG Mods

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

• Generation: Magic Crusade RPG Mods Here, you’ll get all about the world generations (expect dungeons)

• Bioms:
-> Oceans have been dynamised; krakens, fishers npc, icerberg…

-> Forest (jungle included): Adding a strange blue tree… You can make the Mystic Groves Portal with it! (just like a nether portal)

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

• Ores:
-> The Ethernium. Bright ore which spawned beetwen Y:0 – Y:8 by vein of 1 to 7.
-> Silver: Only appears in the Mystic Groves.
-> Titanium: Only appears in the Mystic Groves. (rare, Y:86, Y:94)
-> Radioactive ore: (Mystic Groves only), it drops the radioactive stones.
-> Combustium: (Mystic Groves only),this is a sort of improved coal, which can be used into furnaces.

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

• Mercenaries camps:
You’ll find them in plains. There is mercenaries which can be recruited.
Magic Crusade RPG Mods

• Items: Magic Crusade RPG Mods This section contains: staff, food, armor, vegetals, tools.

Weapons / tools:

– The 5 unique item.

Many rares items can be looted in booses and looted in chest which randomly appears in dungeon and in the world.
– Elfic staff: Nearby ennemis became jailed inside leaves.
Magic Crusade RPG Mods
– Glow staff. Burn all ennemis around you.
Magic Crusade RPG Mods
– Electric staff Lighting appears to nearby ennemis (looted in Orc mages)
Magic Crusade RPG Mods
– Diamond staff: Bump your ennemis!!! Magic Crusade RPG Mods
– Ethernium sword: If you got the full Ethernium armor equiped, you’ll get a special effect on the Sword: While you hit ennemis, light particles appears and damages nearby ennemis.
Magic Crusade RPG Mods

– Silver sword, this sword is more powerful than an iron one but less than a diamond one.

-Titanium sword: The sword dealing the most true damages in the game.

– Ethernium, Titanium and Silver tools availables!

Magic Crusade RPG Mods


Every classes has its own Armor which can be looted in Dungeon and bosses.
-> They give you a special bonus

– Hunters: Your bow have more damages/range
– Hunter: Poison last longer, you jump higher, night vision…
– Mage: Increase your damages.
– Warrior: Increase charge, sword damages…
– Necromancer: Summons more skeleton, deals more damages….

(examples of armor, Mage, Rogue, Hunter Magic Crusade RPG Mods
Magic Crusade RPG Mods Magic Crusade RPG Mods Magic Crusade RPG Mods

-> Ethernium Armor:
The full armor will give you the special effect on the Ethernium sword. This armor is as powerful as the diamond one.

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

-> Silver Armor: It protects you a few more than an iron set.
Magic Crusade RPG Mods

->Titanium Armor: The best armor in the game. It protects you more than a diamond armor.
Magic Crusade RPG Mods


– Red and yellow berry, you’ll find them into the Mystic Groves.

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

– Hard boiled egg: Magic Crusade RPG Mods
– Sausages: 3 cooked porks:

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

– 2 News seeds, you can get them by the same way as the traditional one. (Destroying tall grass)
Magic Crusade RPG Mods

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

– Pork cake.

Magic Crusade RPG Mods

Precious stones:

4 are available in the game. You can loot them in boss, mobs, chest, or quests…

– Radioactive stone, you became radioactif. It inflicts damages to every nearby ennemis while equipped.

– Eather stone, your armor is permanently increased Magic Crusade RPG Mods

– Pyrotechnic Stone, You’re immune from fire damages. Magic Crusade RPG Mods

– Aqueous stone, traveling in water improved . Magic Crusade RPG Mods

– Rare stone: You get twice more experience. Magic Crusade RPG Mods

• For map creator:

Adventure map with the Magic Crusade mod can create awesome challenges to players!!!
You can find the command block in the redstone creative tab.
-> So, if you make a map with the Magic Crusade mod, you will get some new commands which can be use as original ones (in chat or with commands blocks + redstone)
The block or item ID can be find by placing your mouse on it.

/chest, x, y, z, itemID, amout, itemID2, amount2, itemID3, amount3 etc…:
/chest, here, itemID, amout, itemID2, amount2, itemID3, amount3 etc…:
here = current coordinates (while taping by a player)
x = x coodinates.
y = y coodinates.
z = z coodinates.
itemID = the id of the item or block you want to appears in chest
amount = the amount of this item or block you want per slot.
itemID2 = another itemstack
amount2 = the amount of the itemstack2

-> This itemstack will appears to a random slot in the chest.
Example: (16 diamond to a chest at X:136, Y:64, Z:177)

/spawnmob, x, y, z, mobName.
To Create a mob spawner with the given coordinates + given mobs
Mob name List for the command (the underline one):

• Master of the Sky: “bossBleu”
• King Orc: “bossOrc”
• Mage Orc: “mageOrc”
• Sand boss: “CubeSable”
• Stone Golem: “Golem”
• Lord of the Dungeon: “Chevalier”
• EnderDragon: “EnderDragon”
• Wither: “WitherBoss”

Modded mobs:
• Reptilard: “Reptilard”
• Sand slime: “SlimeSable”
• Aggresiv Warrior: “GuerrierMechant”
• Lutin: “lutin”
• Scorch: “scorch”
• Crocotta: “crocotta”
• Stymphalide: “stymph”
• Aries: “belier”
• Centaurus: “centaure”
• Goblin: “Gobelin”
• Orc: “Orc”
• Summoned Zombie: “ZombieAsservi”
• Summoned Skeleton: “SkeletonAlly”
• Summoned blaze: “BlazeAlly”
• Mercenarie: “Guerrier”
• Dragon: “Dragon”

• PigZombie: “PigZombie”
• Ghast: “Ghast”
• Giant zombie: “Giant”
• Spider: “Spider”
• Creeper: “Creeper”
• Zombie: “Zombie”
• Spider: “Spider”
• Skeleton: “Skeleton”
• Enderman: “Enderman”
• CaveSpider: “CaveSpider”
• Silverfish: “Silverfish”
• Blaze: “Blaze”
• MagmaCube: “LavaSlime”
• Bat: “Bat”
• Witch: “Witch”
• Chicken: “Chicken”
• Pig: “Pig”
• Sheep: “Sheep”
• Cow: “Cow”
• Wolf: “Wolf”
• Horse: “EntityHorse”
• Villager: “Villager”
• SnowMan: “SnowMan”
• Ozelot: “Ozelot”
• MushroomCow: “MushroomCow”

/explosion, player, x, y, z, power, doesItGrief.
Create an explosion to given coordinates, given power and if it does destroy the World.
(ex: /explosion @p, 64, 70, 64, 10, true)

/addPotionEffect, player, potionID, lastFor, amplifier.
Add a potion effect to the choosen player.
(ex: /addPotionEffect toss77123, 1, 20, 1)
toss77123 will get a speed potion effect II, for 20 seconds.

List of Potion ID:

1: Move speed
2: Slowness
3: Faster digging
4: Lowest digging
5: Damage boost
6: Heal
7: Harm
8: Jump
9: Confusion
10: Regeneration
11: Resistance
12: Fire resistance
13: Water breathing
14: Invisibility
15: Blindness
16: Night Vision
17: Hunger
18: Weakness
19: Poison
20: Wither
21: Health boost
22: Absorption



  1. Invisibility doesn’t work on Rogue. Can confirm.

  2. i have .7,10 and its seems completely defferent and i dont know how to do anything

  3. how to use on 1.7.10

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  5. como se sale de los portales que salen random en el mapa?

    as you leave the portals coming out random on the map?



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