Mine Wars Screenshots

This mod adds 4 new weapons and 3 mobs


First is the Light Sabers, the weapon of the Jedi!

It does 14 half hearts of damage! (7 full hearts) and can be switched on and off with a click of the right mouse button! They also come in 4 colors, blue, green, red and purple


Now we have the Clone Trooper!

He has 20 hearts of health (full hearts) does 8 half hearts of damage (4 full hearts) spawns in snowy biomes and drops iron ingots (rare drops are iron blocks and diamonds). Right click on him for a surprise

Also they attack SQUIDS!


Next is the Tauntaun! It has 10 hearts of health spawns in snowy biomes drops Raw Tauntaun Meat (can be smelted into Roasted Tauntaun Meat) and will be ride-able in the future

The texture will change


Now we have the Wampa! It has 50 hearts of health (full hearts) does 8 hearts of damage! Spawns in snowy biomes and drops leather (rare drops are ice blocks and wool)




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