Minegicka 3 Screenshots and Recipes



If you are new to the mod, here are the things you will want to do first.

  • Go kill some monsters, if you are lucky they will drop a Thingy, or you can go around a find some mages, strong they are, but there’s a much higher chance that you will get the item.
  • Craft yourself a Magical Crafting Station, from then on you can craft any item in the mod with a single click! You’ll soon hate vanilla crafting

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  • Craft some more thingys, craft some sticks, craft a staff, wield it, and viola, you are a wizard now!
  • Now you need to unlock elements. Gather the materials and craft the essences, consume them, there you have unlocked your first element!
  • You don’t stop there, you craft the magickpedia, unlock the magicks, craft better staves, enchant your staff, craft a wizard hat, ready your mind and let’s set out to kill Eighty-eight Eight.


Here are some example of the spells available in Minegicka 3, the spells are countless, each combination of elements gives a different spell output

38223  Y9JlzWz Minegicka 3 Screenshots and Recipes
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Magical crafting station, staff enchanting table, magickpedia,…
With a few mouse clicks, you’ll be crafting stacks of items without having to remember the exact recipe

ec63b  BsLJgCp Minegicka 3 Screenshots and Recipes

Staff enchanting is a powerful system that allows every staff to be as powerful as it can be

ec63b  fUzARC0 Minegicka 3 Screenshots and Recipes

There’s no way you will remember every magick combination

ec63b  NuoJYDn Minegicka 3 Screenshots and Recipes


From the inferior mage to the exquisite Eighty-eight Eight

The stupid mage, who wanders around the land without exact direction.
He who can use several sprays, lightning and beam spells.

da4e6  aHRJK9d Minegicka 3 Screenshots and Recipes

Eighty-eight Eight, 888 health, spawns at y=188 in it’s tower located anywhere with (x,z) as (?888, ?888)
Extremely powerful and dangerous, will kill every poor-prepared wizard with a single beam of arcane. Don’t even dare to go up there unless you have strong teammates or are well-prepared with supreme spell-power and means of protection

da4e6  0HeTPVX Minegicka 3 Screenshots and Recipes


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