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All the Recipes are the same as vanilla minecraft except for a few exceptions. Heres all the new recipes.Bronze Ingots
To craft a bronze ingot you must craft one copper ore and a tin ore like so and then smelt.
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Steel Ingots
To make Steel ingots you must an iron ore block and 2 coal like so:

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And then smelted.
Dragon Plates
Finally in order to craft dragon plates (which are used in recipes like ingots) you must craft four dragon shards and a lava bucket together like so.
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Copper Buckets:
Copper buckets are the exact same as normal buckets but they cant be used for lava or to collect milk.
373ef  PLges MineScape Recipes

Mithril, Adamant and Runite Ingots:

To make these ingots you must collect there ores, add coal and then smelt.

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This is a shapeless recipe. Mithril needs 4 coal, Adamant 6 and Runite 8.

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Both Adamant and Runite armour can also be trimmed and although it may cost a lot it is definitely worth it for all you MLG’s !! In order to create the gold trimmed Armour you must craft eight gold ingots and your chosen piece of Armour like so.
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