MineScape Weapons


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There are a total of thirty six new weapons which have been added into the mod. Here are all the recipes for all the new weapons in the order of the damage value.
Daggers are the weakest of all the weapons but only require one bar to craft. Here is the recipe.
2a545  UsuEr MineScape WeaponsSwords:
Swords are like the normal weapon in minecraft but they have been toned down a bit. Here’s the recipe.
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Scimitars are the average weapon therefore require the average amount of bars. There are two steps in order to create the weapon. Here’s the recipes.
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Long swords:
Long swords also require two steps to make but they are superior to the scimitars. The recipes are</p>
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Battle axes:
Battle axes are the ultimate weapon but they require five bars. Here’s the recipe.
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