Mo’Creatures Changelogs

wild scorpions no longer attack other mobs

fixed server crashing bug with the ownership code

pet scorpions that are set free now drop the saddle, and can’t be ridden

horses obtained from an amulet are set to the player using the amulet.

horse transformation animation is synchronized in multiplayer

foals and ghost horses now spawn tamed and are owned by their parent’s owner

tamed birds won’t be named every time they eat seeds.

bunnies shouldn’t suffer damage when on top of a player’s head

enders should spawn on the End biome

fixed bug that removed swords on pigmen and bows on skeletons

Added Elephants and Mammoths

Elephants spawn on Deserts, Jungles, Plains and Forests.

Mammoths spawn on cold biomes.

Elephants drop Hide

A calf elephant can be tamed by giving it 10 Sugar lumps or 5 cakes

Tamed elephants are healed with baked potatoes, bread or haystacks

Indian Elephants can be given a special luxurious garment.

In addition to the garment, a nice throne can then be given to the Elephant.

Two chest sets can be put on each elephant, allowing it to carry inventory

A key is used to open the inventory.

Mammoths can also carry two extra regular chests.

Three different kinds of tusk reinforcements can be crafted: wood, iron and diamond.

They can be given to tamed adult elephants and mammoths, and taken off with a pickaxe.

While wearing them reinforcement and ridden by the player, they will break blocks.

(However that feature is disabled by default in multiplayer, to prevent griefing)

Mammoths are more effective at breaking blocks than elephants.

A harness can be put on tamed adult elephants.

If a player ‘sneaks’ near their elephant, it will sit for a short time, where it can be mounted

To dismount an elephant, the rider has to make it sit first and then it can be dismounted.

A platform can be put on the Songhua Mammoth, allowing them to carry a second player.

To have a passenger, first the rider makes the mammoth sit, then the second player ‘sneaks’ while close to the mammoth.

The second player can dismount the mammoth by pressing the sneak key.

Added Komodo Dragons

Komodo dragons spawn on swamps and plains. They attack small animals or players.

Komodo dragons poison their prey.

They drop reptile hide and the bigger Komodo Dragons have a 25% chance of dropping eggs.

An egg can be hatched if placed near a torch and the resulting baby Komodo Dragon will be tamed.

You can heal your tamed Komodo dragon by giving it raw rat or raw turkey.

A saddle can be put on a Tamed adult Komodo dragon so it can be ridden.

Ostrich overhaul:

hatched ostriches won’t follow the player

Ostriches now can carry helmets that will reduce the damage received

A chest can be given to an ostrich and they can carry a small inventory

cloth colored cubes can be given to saddled ostriches to make them carry colored flags

Nether ostriches now are obtained by giving any tamed ostrich an essence of fire

Nether ostriches will fly in a way inspired by the game ‘Joust’. (It’s tricky but fun!)

added three new types of ostriches:

-Unihorned ostrich that is obtained by giving any tamed ostrich an essence of light.

They buckle animals in a similar way than with the unicorns

Unihorned ostriches can drop a unicorn

-Black wyvern ostriches are obtained by giving a tamed ostrich an essence of darkness

they can fly if the jump button is used on a timely fashion. They propel themselves forward once flying.

They’re tricky but fun to control in the air.

-Undead ostriches are obtained by giving any tamed ostrich an essence of undead.

Jellyfish overhaul:

Changed models and textures for the jellyfish jellyfish glow in the dark


  1. not helpful

  2. What do ostriches eat?

  3. How do you put a helmet and flag on an ostrich , I tried clicking on the ostrich with wool put I just got on , and the helmet ……..I have no clue

    Did they say scorpions cannot be ridden
    I tried placing a saddle on one and nothing happened

  4. Ostriches eat everything

  5. Only horses,zebras,manta rays,birds,deer and vanilla mobs are spawning in my mo creatures world

  6. Nothing else

  7. Plz help I can’t put gear on my elephant , not even a harness

  8. how do you tame an ostriches?

  9. how do you tame a ostriche and put a helmet on it and put wool on it

  10. You put a human helmet on it ,but wool …… No clue

  11. help i cant put a harness on a elephant and it is grown up.I did tame it when it was a baby.

    i right click it with the harness.DOESNT WORK! PLEASE HELP!


  12. i have the same proplem i tried over and over even my brother could not figure it ou

  13. the mammoth platform (for carring a second player) does not work on the 1.7.10 version. Neither me or my friends can use it, it only carries one person at a time.Has anyone gotten this to work?



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