Noted Items Recipes

The mod mainly requieres paper and ink.

Accounting Table

e7ec1  lqwO1RV Noted Items Recipes

  • 6 wooden planks (any type)
  • 1 Item Note

Item Note

e7ec1  q2Vq3dB Noted Items Recipes

  • 8 paper
  • 1 feather


You will need

  • ink sacs
  • a noted item
  • an item to note

Right click the block to open it's User Interface.

You will see something like this

e7ec1  Y0YLGrZ Noted Items Recipes

The slot with the number on it is the slot for ink. the numer indicates how many ink per filled slot in the 3×3 grid you need. the number can be increased in the config file. You can also hide the number trough means of the config file.

The slot right next to it is the slot that takes an Item Note. The note can be empty or already written on.

The 3×3 grid will be filled with items of the same instance to enable an output in the far most right slot.

Example :

e7ec1  JKuZrht Noted Items Recipes

6 ink = 6 stacks

If you do not have enough ink, there will be not output

e7ec1  R8eSm6N Noted Items Recipes

If you take the resulting stack out, all items in the 3×3 grid will be removed, the ink will be used to write on the item note, and the item note will be written out to a new item.

e7ec1  lHxePnf Noted Items Recipes

(6 * 64 = 384)


The slot under the ink and note slot, is the place where you will put a note with items on. The note will discharge all possible stacks into the 3×3 grid.

  • 1. If there is 9 or less stacks stored in the Noted Item, the Note will be changed into a new clean note. All stacks are discharged in the 3×3 grid.
  • 2. If the Note has more then 9 stacks, all 9 stacks will be discharged, and 9 stacks will be removed of the Note.
  • 3. If you let the note in the slot, it will automaticly discharge another stack in an empty slot if you happen to take a stack out. This can be prevented by taking out the noted item.
  • 4. Ink is still requiered to re-note the items discharged in the 3×3 grid that you did not need.

e7ec1  qBRN3se Noted Items Recipes

Item note can also be fused

d6ade  SqH8W2o Noted Items Recipes


99% of Items can be noted.

Items that have an NBT can not be noted. (what is nbt ? > data that has been saved to the item)

Some items that have NBT :

  • enchanted items
  • enchanted books
  • items with altered names (anvil names)

Only items from the same type can be noted !

You can only note Cobblestone with cobblestone
You can only fuse itemnotes that have the same item

There is NO LIMIT on how many items you can note on one note. which means …

d6ade  bP9JDBf Noted Items Recipes

Items that are damaged can be noted to one note, only if they have the same damage.

Example :

Tools that have the same amount of damage ( 3 pickaxes that have been used 5 times can be noted together)


Noted Blocks

d6ade  iEcF5pz Noted Items Recipes

Noted Items

d6ade  B393xKl Noted Items Recipes

Connected Tables

d6ade  satHj9Q Noted Items Recipes


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