OldDays/NBXlite Changelogs


  • General
    • Updated to 1.4.7/1.4.6
    • Added danix111′s polish (pl_PL) translation.
    • Made it not modify SoundManager, BlockGrass, BlockLeaves and BlockCake.
    • Added missing ModLoader hook.
  • Core
    • Added presets.
    • Removed sounds.zip, sounds are now in the module/allin1 and get unpacked automatically.
    • Fixed texture option disabling after changing in SMP.
    • Fixed option saving in SMP.
    • Fixed a bug with loading modules.
  • Actions
    • Old boat breaking.
    • Old block hardness.
    • 1.4 fire.
    • Fixed old TNT dupe.
    • Fixed extinguished TNT dropping itself in creative.
  • Gameplay
    • Old explosions.
  • Mobs
    • 1.4 mob AI.
    • 1.4 Allowed mobs mode.
    • 1.4 slime spawning.
    • Fixed spider jockeys on old Allowed Mobs modes.
  • Eyecandy
    • Fixed mob IDs and old labels.
    • Fixed left endermen arms.
  • Crafting
    • Old map recipe, gives extended normal map.
    • Fixed default recipes for SMP.
  • Textures
    • Old food textures.
    • Old leather armor texture.
  • Sounds
    • Added 11 options for pre-1.4 sounds.
  • NBXlite
    • 1.4 generation.
    • Readded options to set default generator when creating a new world.
    • Tweaked finite map bounds a bit.
    • Settings button in More Options is nicely placed again.
    • It’s now possible to see if the next Alpha world will be snowy.
    • Swapped Paradise and Woods themes.
    • Fixed bounds displaying in the Nether/the End.
    • Fixed old light update method condition, making it a bit faster.
    • Fixed snow in Beta taiga.
    • Fixed Old Stars option in SMP.
    • Fixed old lighting brightness in the End.
    • Fixed 1.7.3 with jungles.
    • Another unsuccessful attempt to fix lighting glitches in Indev with 1.7.3 lighting.
    • Fixed too bright items right before pick-up with old lighting.


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