Ore Spawn Recipes

U = Uranium
T = Titanium
I = Iron
S = String
B = Bucket of Water
E = Ancient Dried Spawn Egg
R = Redstone
A = Apple
W = Wood of some sort
C = Cactus
G = Gunpowder
D = Diamond
. = emptyTo Re-hydrate Ancient Dried Spawn Eggs:


Ultimate Sword:

Ultimate Pickaxe:

Ultimate Shovel:

Ultimate Hoe:

Ultimate Axe:

Ultimate Bow:

Ultimate Helmet:


Ultimate Chestplate:

Ultimate Leggings:

Ultimate Boots:


Ultimate Fishing Rod:

Magic Apple: (OMG! No! Don’t!!!!)
RRR    <—Redstone BLOCK
RAR    <—Redstone BLOCK (middle is an apple)
RRR    <—Redstone BLOCK

Critter Cages: (W = STICKS!)

Hoverboard: (W = WOOD PLANKS!)


Lava Eel Armor:
Crafted the same as regular armor, just use Lava Eels instead!

Moth Scale Armor:
Same as regular armor, but you have to kill Mothra first!
This stuff looks seriously cool!

Put corn in the furnace.

Two buckets of milk on the crafting table.

Salt Ore in the furnace.

Buttered Popcorn:
Popcorn and Butter on the crafting table.

Buttered and Salted Popcorn:
Buttered Popcorn and Salt on the crafting table.

Bag of Popcorn:
Six Buttered and Salted Popcorn, plus three Paper on the crafting table.

Miner’s Dream !!!:
CCC    <- Cactus
RRR    <- Redstone BLOCK
GGG    <- Gunpowder

Raw Corn Dog:
Raw Chicken, Raw Pork, Corn, and a stick.

Cooked Corn Dog:
Put a raw corn dog in the furnace.
These things satisfy a serious amount of hunger for a long long time.

Uranium/Titanium Blocks:
Eye Of Ender Blocks:
EnderPearl Blocks:
Same as any other ingot-type block. Put nine on the crafting table.

Apple Tree Seed:
Place an Apple on the crafting table.

Extreme Torch:
Coal, Redstone, and a Stick on the crafting table.

Spider Web:
Eight strings arranged like wood for a chest will make you a spider web block!

Instant Stairs Up:
..C    (C is cobblestone)

Instant Stairs Down:
C..    (C is cobblestone)

Instant Stairs Accross:
…    (C is cobblestone)

Emerald Armor:
Same as regular armor, with emeralds.

Emerald Sword and Tools:
Same as regular sword and tools, with emeralds.
(If you like green, these look totally awesome!!!)

Experience Orb Catcher: (to make Bottles o’ Enchanting)
.B. – empty bottle
.S. – string
.W. – stick

Experience Sword:
Emerald sword in the middle, surrounded by Bottles o’ Enchanting.
(Emerald Sword must be NEW, not used)

Experience Armor:
Emerald armor piece in the middle, surrounded by Bottles o’ Enchanting.
(Emerald Armor must be NEW, not used)

Experience Tree Seed:
Apple Tree Seed in the middle, surrounded by Bottles o’ Enchanting.

To Reload a Ray-Gun:
Put one used Ray-Gun and one block of redstone on the crafting table.
Presto. Reloaded!

Useful items and tips:
Critter Cages only work about 80% of the time. You may have to throw more than one.  Keeps things interesting.  And yes, they catch almost all types of critters, including dragons! Very useful to simply transport farm animals. Also handy against creepers. Warning though… they work better on some critter than others!  Just throw one at an entity/mob to catch it.  Right-click it on the ground to release the captured critter. No, critter cages do not work on Robots.Craft an Ultimate Fishing Rod and go fishing in Lava!!! You’ll catch all sorts
incedibly useful things. Including:
Spark Fish
Fire Fish
Sun Fish
Lava Eels
and Sunspot Urchins.

Yes, I know. The fishing rod works kinda iffy. Not my code. It works just like the regular fishing rod. Find a bigger lava pool if you keep getting stuck on the bottom or sides. Some day I might rewrite it when I have time… sigh.

Lava Eels can be crafted into some pretty awesome armor.  Looks rather spectacular too, if you ask me! Seriously.  Lava Eel Armor is more durable than diamond, and fire resistant too!

Sunspot Urchins can and should be thrown! Try a few!

To use a Spawn Egg, after you’ve re-hydrated it, just right-click with it on the ground. Ancient Dried Spawn Eggs can be mined/found only at shallow depths. Ancient Dried Spawn Eggs are actually fun to collect, and to spawn upon an unsuspecting friend! :) Ancient Dried Spawn Eggs have been updated to include all standard Minecraft critters. Can you find them all?

Catching Experience Orbs can be tricky. Don’t even bother with ants. You have to catch significant experience. Kill something your own size. Try right clicking under the orb as it just passes into the block you’re sighted on. You’ll get the hang of it eventually. All you need is a little experience. Lol! I crack me up… :)

The Miner’s Dream block is pretty damn cool! You’ve gotta try it! Make one. Take it underground, tap it on a stone block directly in front of you (not on a diagonal), and be amazed!

Salt blocks kill ants. Great for keeping ants out of places you don’t want them! Or, you can just dig up the Ant Blocks whenever you find them. That’ll take care of most of them.

Extreme Torches are about 10% brighter than normal torches.

Emerald things are pretty durable. Definately worth making. And they look awesome!

Experience Armor is only active while you have an Experience Sword in your inventory or hotbar. Basically, just wearing it will give you experience… just for looking so cool…

An Experience sword gives you extra experience when hitting mobs. It also deals extra damage based on your experience level. It starts becoming fairly deadly once you get up over about level 20 or so.

Uranium and Titanium can be mined/found only deep underground. Uranium and Titanium require a diamond pick-axe to be mined. Yes, you need to find 3 diamonds and make a diamond pickaxe first. It’s a pain, but believe me, it’s worth it. Uranium and Titanium ore blocks are ‘entangled’. Hit one and they all sparkle! Nine ingots of Uranium make a Uranium block. Same with Titanium. Cool, sparkley blocks…

Ultimate Armor is enchanted. Very useful. Awsome stuff and looks cool too!

Moth Scales can be crafted into some pretty darm cool armor too!

Did I mention the Lava Eel armor? Use Lava Eels to craft.

Yes. Yes you do want to make an Ultimate Sword. OMG. Way too cool.  In fact, you’ll want to make two! One for you. One for your Girlfriend!

Ultimate tools wear out even slower than Diamond. They seem to last pretty much forever. One of each is probably all you’ll need.

Try an Ultimate Axe on a tree! Wow!

Ultimate Swords do only minimal damage to Players and Girlfriends.  (Yes, really. These things are so deadly I had to put code in to protect against accidents!) Although, you may still catch fire if you get hit…

Ultimate Bows (arrows) bounce off Players and Girlfriends for the same reason Ultimate Swords do only minimal damage. Otherwise, they’re too deadly to use! Ultimate Bows will never run out of arrows. You don’t even have to carry one in your inventory. Ultimate Bows need only be ‘tapped’ on the right mouse button. They shoot fast, like a semi-automatic!

Ultimate weapons and tools may not appear enchanted at first (if you cheat and get them in creative mode). They will auto-enchant on first use.

Oh yeah! Almost forgot. Lava Foam! Yeah! Wicked cool stuff! Slipperier than snot on a doorknob! Try walking on it. And bouncy bouncy bouncy. Run into it, and get bounced off. Gee, kind of like a pinball bumper… What would happen if you made a floor and walls of the stuff, and then put a Zombie or a few Enderman in it? I wonder… Lava Foam can only be found/mined near lots and lots of lava… somewhere like, the Nether!!!

Laser charges can be thrown. Please do. They’re fun! :)

Ray-Guns and Laser Charges, being the advanced weapons that they are, were built to be ineffective on robots!

Hoverboards are priceless for getting around in the Nether. Lava lakes? Feh. Who cares. Hop. Hover. Explore.

No, you cannot craft shoes. You may be many things, but Cobbler is not one of them.

Have you tried the Stairs? Make a few. It’s easier than placing or mining blocks to get around!

You’ll need an Experience Orb Catcher to make Experience Armor and an Experience Sword. It’s worth it. Pretty awesome effects!

You’ll also need an Experience Orb Catcher to make an Experience Tree Seed. It’s a must! Otherwise, where will you put the dance floor for your Girlfriend to dance?

Ender-Pearl and Eye-of-Ender blocks are just decorative, at least for now…

More Food:
Fish that live in lava provide fire protection and hunger points when eaten.  No, you don’t need to cook fish that were caught in lava. Yes, you can eat lava fish any time. You don’t need to be hungy. Great stuff to take along to the Nether!A bag of popcorn gives more health than just the popcorn that went into it.  No, you can’t have just salt on your popcorn! Yuck.

Corndogs have an amazing amount of healing/hunger power. I love corndogs! :)

Strawberries are delicious.

Corn is yummy too.

Plants and Trees:
Strawberry plants can be found in the forest. Yes, you can transplant them to your garden. You don’t plant strawberries, you plant the little strawberry plants!Sky Trees are cool as shit! They’re increbibly delicate. Break one log, and they all fall! Sky Tree logs can be used to build all sorts of stuff, then one little hit, and poof! Sky Tree logs turn into Oak Planks if you put them on the Crafting Table. Need a lot of wood fast? Find a sky Tree. You’ll only need one! But be careful when building with Sky Tree logs…

Did I mention the Duplicator Tree? See if you can find one. Place a valuable block or two near the base. Just like having a Zerox machine… Yes, you can chop down a Duplicator Tree and replant the logs on dirt blocks.  It will grow again! And then it will duplicate whatever is nearby…

Corn plants can be found in the plains. Wait until the corn ripens to harvest it. Corn can be planted in your garden to grow corn plants. No, bone meal doesn’t work on corn plants. Tough noogies. They are worth the wait!

Put a regular old run-of-the-mill apple on the crafting table to get yourself an Apple Tree Seed. Right-click your Apple Tree Seed on a dirt/grass block to grow an Apple Tree! Reap your rewards… then plant an orchard, and come back often to pick up the drops!

Plant an Experience Tree Seed. Wait. Might be quick. Might be slow. Who knows. But once it grows up, prepare to be amazed. Build a dance floor, hang a few lanterns, get yourself a few girlfriends, and prepare to have some fun! When night falls, the party begins…

Moth, Butterfly, and even Mosquito plants can be dug up and replanted.

Apple trees are prolific producers. You’ll never be hungry if you plant an apple tree.

Experience Trees are a fantastic sight to behold, especially at night!!!

Wind Trees always point the same direction, kind of like a compass.

DON’T plant that “OMG! No! Don’t do it!” magic apple! I warned you! ;) Well, yes, you really should, but read the WARNINGS section below!

Critters and Mobs:
Mosquitos can be seriously annoying. There is a config option to turn them off. Mosquitos spawn from mosquito plants, usually found in the swamp.Moths are harmless, and spawn from Moth Plants at night. Moths like to hang out near torches, just like real moths! Kind of nice to just sit back with a cold one and watch the moths fly around the torches…

Butterflies are harmless as well, and spawn from Butterfly plants during the day. Make a butterfly garden. It’s relaxing and colorful…

Brown and Rainbow ants are fairly harmless. Red ants are not!

The WTF? eats stone. It’s slow, and hates everything. But may be usefull if you’re too lazy to mine yourself… Hey, what do you think made all those caves anyway?

CaveFishers are annoying.

Baby Scorpions are annoying too.

Dragonflies eat ants, mosquitoes, butterflies and birds!

Mosquitoes tend to follow you around once they get wind of you, just like real life!

Cryolophosaurus is annoying. But tastes like chicken!

Baryonyx just eats grass. Harmless, kind of like a cow. Tastes great too!

How about that WaterDragon! Is he cool or what? :)

Basilisk lairs have the best loot! Sometimes more than you can carry! Entrance is on the surface in the Red And World. Kinda pyramid shaped. Can you get through the maze without cheating?

Giant Emperor Scorpions spawn in the desert. Nobody messes with the Emperor. Run. Just. Run.

Robots spawn in the Village (Rainbow Ant) world. Nothing to say here but GTFO!!! Get out before sundown. It’s your only hope.

The Alien. Yeah. THE Alien. Not just any alien. But THE Alien. ‘Nuff said. Bring clean underwear with you while mining in the Red Ant World! Lol!

Attack Squids can cause temporary blindness… and they do have some nice rare drops… but you can’t risk killing them yourself. Really. If killed by a player, there’s a good chance they’ll call home… for DAD. Yeah. You don’t want to deal with Daddy Squid. Unh uh. No no. Find yourself a Girfriend or a Baby Dragon, or even better yet a Lizard, to kill Attack Squids for you…

Lizards are here to help you fight off the Attack Squid invasion. Ink sacks attract lizards. Ink sacks will also temporarily tame a Lizard. They are lizards after all, and they forget they’re tamed after a while. Still, this creates a moral dilemma: should you really be killing innocent civilian squids just to get ink sacks?

What? You killed a few Attack Squids? It started to rain and thunder? I told you not to. Only one thing to do now… Put down your weapons. Take off your armor. Bend over. That’s right. As far as you can. Now kiss your a** goodbye. ROTFLMAO! I told you not to mess with the Attack Squids. Now you’ve brought on the wrath of Daddy Squid, or as you might otherwise know him: THE KRAKEN!!!! And you better hope he didn’t bring a few friends! ROTFL!!! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!

THE KRAKEN is exceptionally hard to kill, even in creative mode. But it is actually possible. You just have to get clever and prepare ahead of time. There are ways to kill them. A word of caution though: You know how the Attack Squids called home for help? So will a severely wounded KRAKEN if he gets away. Right. Failure is not an option.

Tameable Critters:
Camarasaurus is tameable. They are about the cutest, friendliest little critters ever.  They don’t do much except eat grass, leaves, vines, and cactus, but they do have a tendency to stick their nose in your face for a quick loving and trusting smooch.  If you want some warm fuzzies, then Camarsaurus is the pet for you.  Camarsaurus is found only in the Red Ant World. Red apple to tame. Cannot be un-tamed!!!  Tail speed indicates health and/or sitting.Hydrolisc is also tameable. Pretty cool looking too! Keep an eye out for them in swamps!  These critters give you extra health points when you need them. Yes they do.  Watch your health bar next time you’ve got one of these as a pet and you get hurt!  Extremely useful when battling mobs. Better than a potion of regeneration…  They love water, and restore their health (and yours) quickly when in or near it.  Raw fish to tame. Dead bush to un-tame. Ruffles on the head indicate health.  Tail wagging indicates sitting or not.

Velocity Raptor is tameable too! He’ll double your ground speed. It’s like having a permanent speed potion! Red apple to tame. Dead bush to un-tame.  Generally found only in random places in the Red Ant World. Feathers indicate health and/or sitting. You can toggle the speed effect on and off by making him sit to turn speed off, and then another Red Apple to turn speed back on.

Spyro is tameable as well. Though he’s kind of annoying and catches everything on fire.  Raw beef to tame. dead bush to un-tame. Don’t bother trying to kill him.  He’s virtually indestructible. He should also be able to keep up with you when you’re flying around in creative mode. Great little pal to have around, unless you don’t like fire…

Lizards can be tamed, temporarily, with ink sacks. Lizards like to kill Attack Squids. That’s what they do.

Gird Friends:
Yes, there’s a lot to read here. What did you expect? Girls are com-pli-cat-ed! :)Right-click a Girlfriend with a Red Rose to tame her. May take more than one, or a dozen!

Right-click with a Dead Bush to break up and untame them.

Yes. Yes you can. Unlike real life, you can make your girlfriend ‘stay’, and shut up!  Give her a diamond to hold. Presto. Silence… :)

Right-click with an item, and she will hold it. Right-click with an empty hand, and she will return her item. Right-click both with items, and she will trade.

No, she CANNOT use a bow. She throws shoes. Shoes are deadly against creepers. Yes, you can throw shoes too. Shoes thrown by Girlfriends will not hurt Players. Just like real life, Girlfriends seem to have a infinite supply of shoes.

Yes, they can use swords! Give her one. Really. She won’t hit you. Trust her.

No, armor would just mess up her outfit. A Girlfriend has 50 health points to make up for her refusal to wear armor.

Girlfriends will self-heal over time. Right-click with food, and they heal appropriately. Right-click with red rose, and they heal instantly.

Hold a red rose and they will follow closely.

Right-click with yellow rose, and she will change clothes! There are 25 different outfits. Right-click with yellow rose while wet, and she will change bikinis!  There are 12 different bathing suits.

No, you cannot mess with someone else’s Girlfriend! Jerk.

Girlfriends are immune to fire, because the code is too ridiculously complex and needs to be completely rewritten to avoid even simple things like cactus. That’s why everything in the Nether is fire resistant too.

Girlfriends like to swim in lava. Girlfriends will not drown, because the AI software doesn’t always work right.

Girlfriends HATE CREEPERS and WILL ATTACK them!!! Girlfriends are not perfect. Sometimes they miss one.

Yes, you can take your girlfriend to the Nether:
1. She will not follow you to the Nether, but…
2. place blocks in front of the portal to make a level entrance.
3. hold a red rose to bring her close to the portal.
4. push her in!
5. Get her back out the same way.

Sometimes Girlfriends may refuse to come back from the Nether, no matter what you do. Try shutting everything down and restarting. This usually fixes the problem so you can get her back out.  It’s not just girlfriends. Tamed cats seem to have this problem too. You may (will!) find it helpful to build some sort of controlled access (like a door!) around your Nether portal to keep your Girlfriend from  wandering in on her own.

Girlfriends do not attack Endermen, Zombie Pigmen, or other Players.  Yes, that means they work great in multiplayer!

Girlfriends do not usually attack things that you attack, or that attack you. Why?  Because she’s not your Mother. You can take care of yourself.

Girlfriends are jealous, and will attack single girls that get too close.  Tamed girlfriends get along fine. Yes, you can have more than one: be quick, and unarm your first girlfriend before trying to tame a second one!

Girlfriends are perfect as helpers for fighting and exploring caves! Make sure you carry a few red roses for emergencies. Girlfriends can be a bit annoying while mining, but will quickly get out of your way when accidentally hit with a pickaxe. Sometimes though, making a small room (4×4 square) for her to hang out, or simply going around her, is the only thing you can do. Girlfriends are generally much quieter while mining, and will let you do your thing in peace. Girlfriends follow closely when mining, exploring caves, and when it’s dark outside. She will teleport to you if you get too far away.

Girlfriends whine when they are hurt, but will compliment and be nice when at full health. Just place your crosshairs on your Girlfriend to see her health status. If you don’t see her health status, then either you are too far away, or she is not your girlfriend.

If you don’t like the skins provided, you can always download new ones from one of the many skin sites or make your own. Just rename and replace the skin files in the mod zip. Should be obvious how to name them.  girlfriend[1-25].png and bikini[1-12].png.

Dieing single Girlfriends drop shoes. Dieing tamed Girlfriends drop red roses, shoes, and whatever they were holding.

Yes, you can give an Ultimate Sword to your Girlfriend. In fact, you SHOULD!!!

Did I mention they dance? Of course they do. BUILD A DANCE FLOOR. Ground level (not raised or sunken). At least 5×5 (7×7 is a nice size) of: diamond, emerald, gold, uranium or titanium block. Best built under an Experience Tree. Party Time! You’ll see why. It’s totally worth it! Don’t forget to hang a few lamps and plant a few moth plants too! Time to use those Girlfriend Spawn Eggs you’ve been saving. The action starts  after dark, late at night… BYOM. (Bring Your Own Music)

Three new dimensions:
Right-clicking a brown ant will take you to Utopia. It’s a a beautiful world without mobs.  Well, yes, there might be a couple, but all underground. They don’t spawn above ground.  And there are Wind Trees, that always point the same direction, so you don’t need a compass!  And  there are Sky Trees, which look like they grow forever and touch the sky!  Apple Trees. And the Ginormous Trees. Wow… It’s a beautiful, calming, peaceful world.Bored with nice and calm? Try right-clicking a Red Ant. But bring clean underwear!!!  The mining is awsome in the Red Ant world. Tons and tons  of stuff underground!  Mining like you’ve never seen it before, especially if you like Lapis Lazuli!  Oh, and yeah, almost forgot. Watch out  for Dinosaurs!!!! ;) Don’t forget to look up. That could be fatal too.  Or down. Or all around.  All sorts of stuff everywhere in the Red Ant World. It’s just not a safe place.

Or perhaps you’re tired of mining and fighting mobs? Try a Rainbow Ant. Villages galore! Loot and pillage to your heart’s content. Just don’t stay past sunset. Seriously. Robots will appear. Nasty Robots. Very very nasty robots. No. You alone cannot save the village from the utter devastation and mayhem that will undoubtably result. No. Not even with your Ultimate Sowrd and Ultimate Bow. That’s how nasty they are. You’ll need a friend or two to help you in multi-player mode. Better to just edit the config file and disable the Robots. But if you do decide to give it a go… watch for the ray-gun drop! Wow!

Yes, your Girlfriend and other pets will automatically teleport to the ant worlds with you.  Unless you’ve told them to sit, of course.

Be patient with the Ant Worlds. Sometimes they can take a while to generate the first time.  Java isn’t the speediest of languages! After the initial generation, you should be ok. Just remember, it’s not hung, it’s generating… This can be especially long when generating a Brown Ant world the first time. You’ll see why.



  1. How do you craft a ray gun?

  2. It is impossible to craft a ray gun. It can only be dropped by the robo-gunner!

    Good Luck,

    • it actually can be dropped by all the bosses

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    • You can’t it is available in the creative inventory

      • you get the slice bye putting bigbertha in a crafting tabel with an iron ingot .

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    • you put iron om th bottom of big bertha

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    • It is available in the creative inventory

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