Panicle Craft Items and Blocks

BroomPanicle Craft Mod
Collects items around

MaxDamage: 3072(by default)
Radius: 6(by default)

Vacuum Cleaner
Panicle Craft Mod
Like Broom but you can swich it on or off

CanBreakFrame: true (by default)
CanBreakPainting: true (by default)
CanCutWool: true (by default)
MaxDamage: 3072 (by default)
Radius: 6 (by default)

Sign Edit Tool

Panicle Craft Mod
Allows you to change the text on sign(and adv. sign) right click
And you can rotate sign(and adv. sign) right click + shift

MaxDamage: 1024(by default)

Advanced Sign

Panicle Craft Mod
It have variable number of rows

Adv.Sign can copy text from Adv.Sign or Sign (Right click, To clean text press shift and right click)
Right click on Adv.Sign will open(click) block after it.

You can write in any language
You can use ctrl + v, c, x
Copy and paste buttons copies and pastes all the text
For COLORED text:

Panicle Craft ModText color codes.
Use § followed by the corresponding color letter/number; e.g. §a will give you bright green.

Painting Block

Panicle Craft Mod
You can draw on it

BrushNoDrawPixels=3;3,2;3,3;2(by default)
BrushRadius=3(by default)
Row=16(by default)

Paint Brush

Panicle Craft Mod
Panicle Craft Mod
Allows you to draw the painting block

If you didn’t change color you can use it like a eraser
You can paint it in any color.
If cheats enabled or in creative mod you can use /PaintBrushColor command.
Panicle Craft Mod
You can see rgb info by pressing shift
Panicle Craft Mod

Chess Desk

Panicle Craft Mod
you can play chess =)

It save game state when you break it


Panicle Craft Mod
shoot items (EntityItem)

Wooden Chests

Panicle Craft Mod

Panicle Craft Mod
Panicle Craft Mod
Panicle Craft Mod

can store EntityItem

Enchant Remover

Panicle Craft Mod
Remove enchant from item (in craft)

Improved Chest

Panicle Craft Mod
64 slots chest with upgrade support

Shift right click on upgrade to open upgrade gui/container
Panicle Craft Mod

Panicle Craft Mod
Panicle Craft Mod

Panicle Craft Mod

Panicle Craft Mod

Portable Workbench
Panicle Craft Mod
Right click to open gui

Panicle Craft Mod
Right click to
BioBot Controller
Panicle Craft Mod


CannongetDirection() return Direction
getHeight() return Height
getStrength() return Strength

setDirection(number from 0 to 359) return null
setHeight(number from 0 to 90) return null
setStrength(number from 0 to 10) return null

BioBot Controller

action(num a, num b )
getInfo(num a, num b )
(a and b you can see in gui)

getRobot returns num

getRobotList return string

PaintBrush TurtleUpgrade

Panicle Craft Mod
getRow() return painting row (at front of turtle)
useBrush(x, y) return true or false (“false” if row <= x || row <= y)

SignEdit TurtleUpgrade

Panicle Craft Mod
getText() return sign or adv.sing text (at front of turtle)
getTextUp() return sign or adv.sing text (at top of turtle)
getTextDown() return sign or adv.sing text (at bottom of turtle)

isAdv() return sign(false) or adv.sing(true) (at front of turtle)
isAdvUp() return sign(false) or adv.sing(true) (at top of turtle)
isAdvDown() return sign(false) or adv.sing(true) (at bottom of turtle)

setText(text,text,text,text…) set sign text (at front of turtle)
setTextUp(text,text,text,text…) set sign text (at top of turtle)
setTextDown(text,text,text,text…) set sign text (at bottom of turtle)

To disable any item set id to zero(in config)


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