Per Fabrica Ad Astra Screenshots

Posted ImageThe Biomes O Plenty alps, showing the transition from limestone, to sandstone, to gneiss peaks.Posted ImageTypical continental sedimentary strata: limestone, claystone, mudstone, conglomerate.Posted ImageLarge beds of coal, suitable for pit mining.Posted ImageChalcopyrite (and gold) veins, one of the types of vein deposits.Posted ImageLayered evaporite deposits, consisting of salt ores like rock salt and gypsum.Posted ImageClay limonite (iron ore) deposits in tropical biomes and swamps.Posted ImagePlacer deposits of mineral-rich sands on river banks and beaches.Posted ImageBanded iron ore being extracted from a hillside.Posted ImageA layered igneous intrusion, diorite into gabbro, with molybdenite veins.Posted ImageAn ore-rich pegmatite vein intersecting a mineshaft.


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