Pun Recipes

Mint, Mints-er and Spearmint

  • Obtain mint through dungeons and mineshafts.
  • Mint can be planted and grown to make more mint.
  • You can eat mint, which only give a speed boost.
  • A better use is to craft it into powerful weapons.

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  • Spearmint is a spear.
  • It is powerful, and smells fresh.
  • Right click to throw.

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  • The Mints-er is a powerful sword that does 7 damage
  • On hit, you get a massive speed boost.

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  • A Pickaxe that breaks fast and breaks things fast.
  • You can’t eat it kid.
  • Very efficient and gives a permanent speed boost.
  • Thanks to the suggestions down below!!!

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  • A stand that has a weird wither skull on it.
  • It’s a block, so you place it down. Need a pick to mine it.
  • When you right click, it confused and slows you, but adds resistance and some regen.
  • Also from the suggestions down below! YAY

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Steal Knife

  • A throwable knife that takes an item from whatever it hits!
  • Steal Ghast tears, bows, iron from zombies, ect.
  • Doesn’t steal from bosses, that would be O.P.
  • Not really a great weapon for damage, just hit and run

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Dyemond Armor and Tools 4 sets of it!

  • The Dyemond set is very unique because of its ability to change form.
  • You can “Dye” it to give it special powers and ablilties. This set will be explained in further detail.
  • It also is super powerful, worthy in any modpack, and more powerful than diamond.
  • First, you need a dyemond.

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  • To get the Overworld set(The First set), you craft it as usual.

Overworld Crafting

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  • This set does not come with any enchantments, so, it is the weakest.
  • ***To get the other sets, you add either Obsidian, Netherbrick, or End Stone to a undamaged tool or armor.***
  • Also, to change armor, you can add dirt to any Undamaged Lux, End, or Nether Set to turn it back to Overworld.
  • This does not work unless it is Undamaged, but you can repair it.
  • Here are a few examples:

Dye Crafting

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Overworld Abilities:

  • Haste II(Faster mining speed)
  • Absorbtion(More Life)

Lux Abilities:

  • Very powerful looting, efficiency, silk touch and fortune enchantments.
  • Resistance and Regeneration effects

Nether Abilities:

  • Fire Resistance
  • Powerful Fire Aspect Enchantments(Burns enemies for a very long time)
  • On Right-Click, Gives the user strength 2, but also withers the user a bit.

End Abilities:

  • Night Vision
  • Speed 2 and Jump Boost 3
  • Very powerful Knockback enchantments.

Holey Sword

  • The Holey Sword is quite powerful.
  • It does 7 Damage, but is already damaged when crafted
  • You should be able to repair if if you want.
  • It is a cheap way to get Diamond sword strength

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Flying Pan

  • This pan does not cook stuff.
  • If lets you fly, but it is very difficult to land. (Land in Water!!)
  • Also, does 5 Damage and makes a hilarious bong noise!
  • Pretty cheap for flying around

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Eggsteminator and Boiled Eggs

  • You can not boil eggs in a furnace, which gives you 3 boiled eggs.
  • You can eat boiled eggs for 1/2 of a hunger bar.
  • You can also shoot them in the eggstermiator(A far better option)
  • The eggs shot make EXPLOSIONS!!!!!mobsheep Pun Recipes mobsheep Pun Recipes mobsheep Pun Recipes mobsheep Pun Recipes

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  • The Pane Maker is Cheap, but powerful
  • It turns out to be useless in about the first half of its life.
  • However, when it is heavily damaged, it gains a total of sharpness 11(Eleven), which is about 14 Damage. Of course, it only has five hits at that point, but even before that, it has sharpness 6, which is still super powerful.
  • It only has 90 Durability though.

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  • It makes Pieces, not peace.
  • It is a Diamond Sword with the ability to shoot razor feathers that do 4 Damages. No need for a bow anymore!
  • You can still block with it

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The Ultimate Block

  • No, Its not a block.
  • When held, it gives the user resistance 100, which means you are invincible.
  • It is not possible to die while holding it(With the exception of the void)
  • It really is not possible, so try all you want.
  • This thing is good for mods that are way to OP. *Cough*Orespawn*Cough*
  • Of course its going to be flaming expensive!

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The Grater Sword

  • This is the greatest sword ever!(No pun intended)
  • It is pretty gruesome, because it grates items off enemies.
  • Here is a list:

The Great List

Slime = SlimeBalls

Blaze = BlazePowder

Animals = Assorted Meats

Sheep = String

Zombie = Nasty Meat

Skeleton = BoneMeal

Bat = Bat Fur****Important!!!

Creeper = Gunpowder

  • Does 5 Damage or something.

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Morning Star

  • This Morning Star is not a weapon
  • It does what it should do: It sets the time to morning!
  • YUSmobsheep Pun Recipes mobsheep Pun Recipes

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The Stone of Mite

Its a surprise

  • Actually, I’m not going to tell you. I can’t spoil the surprise!

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  • The FleeBag is much more useful than a FleaBag
  • Essentially, it gets you out of where ever you are.
  • If you are being owned by stuff. or hate caves. The FleeBag will let you flee the scene!
  • If you didn’t get it already, It gets you out of caves, to teh surface.

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  • Not your regular CrossBow
  • Shoots gold ingots that explode.
  • It is not a bow! SPAM IT!!!

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The Bat-le Armor and Weapons Set

  • First, you need bat fur, which is obtained via the Grater Sword *Shudder*
  • Then, you craft it into a Bat Iron Ingot. Wow. That sounds cheesy
  • Then, you can craft your overpowered armor and weapons!

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Above is Bat fur… yeah.

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That is bat Iron

  • The Bat-le Sword is stronger that Diamond(8 Damage)
  • You craft it regularly.
  • The Bat-le Armor is stronger that Iron.

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Go to the cover or screenshots to see what the armor looks like.


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