QuantumCraft Recipes

Note: These crafting recipes are subject to change.

To craft an Empty IDS Battery, place a bucket of Science Juice in the middle of four blocks of glass.

See below for how to craft a bucket of Science Juice.

To craft the IDS Batteries, combine the corresponding element with an Empty IDS Battery anywhere in the crafting grid.

These elements are:

  • Feathers for Fluffy
  • Obsidian for Heavy
  • Clocks for Slow-Mo
  • Slimeballs for Anti-Gravity

To craft the IDS Container, place glass in the middle of four iron ingots.

To craft the IDS Glove Linker, place redstone in the middle of four glass.

To craft an IDS Glove, place flint in an inverted V shape, then put redstone in the two slots in the glove.

To craft a Safe, put Obsidian in a pyramid with iron in the middle.

To craft a Box, place wooden planks around iron.

To craft a DOLLI, place stone in an upside-down U shape with iron in the other two slots.

To craft a conveyor belt, place three redstone on top of three iron on top of three cobblestone.

To craft a gravity door, place an iron ingot and two planks next to it.

To craft an upside-down gravity door, place an iron ingot and two planks below it.

To switch a door between upside-down and not, craft it by itself.

To craft a Science Juice Bucket, add Redstone and Blaze Powder to a bucket.

To craft a Science Juice Pipe, put six glass in a tube shape and then add a gold nugget in the center.

To craft a light beam generator, put a diamond in a box of iron with glass at the left.


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