Ranger’s Apprentice Screenshots




Ranger Armor:

99163  Rangers Apprentice Mod 1 Ranger’s Apprentice Screenshots

This is pretty much needed for everything. Without it, you can only throw knifes right in front of you and they hardly do any damage, and you can’t shoot your bow. With it you also have speed. Crafted just like leather armor with a leaf.

Ranger Bow:

99163  Rangers Apprentice Mod 2 Ranger’s Apprentice Screenshots

The Ranger Longbow is the main weapon of a Ranger. Fire twice as quick as a normal bow and does a bit more damage. Crafted the same as a bow with another string in the middle. Shift-Right click the bow to switch to fire arrows

Throwing Knife:

99163  Rangers Apprentice Mod 3 Ranger’s Apprentice Screenshots

This small knife does quite a bit of damage, kills most mobs in two hits. When a mob dies from it, it drops out the throwing knife it was last struck with.


a949e  Rangers Apprentice Mod 4 Ranger’s Apprentice Screenshots

Though it doesn’t do much damage, if you block or hit a mob with it the attacking mobs sword will break(with the exception of skeletons and mobs from other mods)

Challenge Morgarath:

a949e  Rangers Apprentice Mod 5 Ranger’s Apprentice Screenshots

Right click this to challenge Lord Morgarath to a battle.



a949e  Rangers Apprentice Mod 6 Ranger’s Apprentice Screenshots

These viking-like mercenaries spawn on beaches. Right now, they attack you no matter what, but this may change later.


a949e  Rangers Apprentice Mod 7 Ranger’s Apprentice Screenshots

These are Morgaraths main soldiers.


a949e  Rangers Apprentice Mod 8 Ranger’s Apprentice Screenshots

These rare mobs are rare, but very powerful. They do a ton of damage and have a 150 health…. you don’t have much of a chance agains them. When you hit them, they take 5 less damage than they normally would, so you need at least an iron sword to even do one damage! They do have on weakness: fire. Their fur is waxy and highly flammable, so light your arrows on fire when you see one of these.


a2639  Rangers Apprentice Mod 9 Ranger’s Apprentice Screenshots

Morgarath is a pretty tough opponent, but if you beat him you will get one or two diamonds.

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