Realms of Argoth Changelogs

[in progress] 0.00902 for MC 1.4.7:
+ fixed crash when hovering on Map Item
+ fixed slope & inverted slope placement while mouse is pointing the bottom of a block
+ fixed textures for dropped items: sapling, deadBush, tallGrass
+ fixed rendering bug when player was hit by an arrow
+ holding backspace button on Login Screen now erases the text
+ improved & reorganized Turbo Model item rendering code
+ fixed Royal double Table model & angles

[2013.01.11] 0.00901 for MC 1.4.7:
+ fixed rare realms block placement bug when rapidly placing blocks
+ fixed block select bug with middle mouse button when in creative mode
+ fixed realms blocks to be selected with middle mouse button when in creative mode
+ fixed Column block not showing Name and Type

[2013.01.10] 0.009 for MC 1.4.7:
+ updated for Minecraft 1.4.7
+ fixed Column block rendering in 3rd person view
+ fixed bug when equipped with a shield and selecting an enchanted item in hotbar will cause the shield to change color
+ fixed compass & clock items to render properly (they are using 16×16 tile textures – not a perfect fix, but for now will do)
+ fixed rendering of Minecarts with furnace and chests
+ torch renders now in full 3D while held in hand 1st/3rd person view and when dropped as item
+ fixed torch model and collision box when it’s generated by world generator (example, villages)
+ fixed description for Chests, it says Container now
+ fixed item drops for custom blocks, they should drop now matching items when destroyed in Survival mode
+ fixed sloped ladder dropped item visual model
+ fixed scrolling in Creative GUI, the items scroll properly now without changing layout upon scrolling
+ added new furniture item Royal Wooden 2×1 Table

[2013.01.09] 0.00804 for MC 1.4.6:
+ fixed Inverted stone slopes, they didn’t have assigned model correctly
+ fixed diamond shield not showing in 1st person view
+ fixed all ore blocks, they show up as blocks while dropped or held in hand as intended
+ fixed Firework rocket tooltip
+ fixed a bug of not rendering shield in 3rd person view when switching from block or block item to empty hotbar slot
+ fixed creative mode’s middle mouse button bug of selecting invalid realms blocks.

[2013.01.09] 0.00803 for MC 1.4.6:
+ fixed block IDs from 201 and 200 to 255 and 254 for Realms Blocks and Realms Ore Blocks

[2013.01.09] 0.00802 for MC 1.4.6:
+ removed “Online Players” and related functions
+ fixed major lag and performance bug

[2013.01.09] 0.00801 for MC 1.4.6:
+ changed online pulse timer from 5 seconds to 30 seconds

[2013.01.09] 0.00800 for MC 1.4.6:
+ first release


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