Seasons Changelogs


  • Version information is now saved for off-line notification, but is not intended to be opened except by the mod. File is config/Seasons/Seasons.wpvd.
  • Update notification now runs on dedicated servers.
  • Made version update notification more visually appealing on clients.
  • Download URLs from update notifications are no longer “null”.
  • Changed timing involved with update notifications.
  • Fixed frost and burn overlays not disappearing.
  • Slight improvement to overlay mechanics.
  • Removed unneeded render refreshes.
  • Players are once again slowed by frostbite. (bug since v1.6, Minecraft 1.3.2 versions)
  • Fixed crash involving dimensions added by some mods.
  • Corrected miscellaneous spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Fixed some minor, unreportable bugs


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