Slingshot Recipes

Stone Ball (Is the ammo of Wooden Slingshot, remove 1 heart from objetive)

5398e  86636341 Slingshot Recipes

Iron Ball (Is the ammo of Iron Slingshot, remove 2 hearts from objetive)

5398e  47271402 Slingshot Recipes

Wooden Handle (Used for crafting others items)

5398e  91067780 Slingshot Recipes

Iron Handle (Used for crafting others items)

5398e  66285644 Slingshot Recipes

Wooden Slingshot (Can throw Stone Balls, has 250 uses)

5398e  98885100 Slingshot Recipes

Iron Slingshot (Can throw Iron Balls, has 500 uses)

5398e  51426290 Slingshot Recipes



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