Soul Forest Recipes

Smelting Recipes:



Crafting Recipes:

Storage Blocks/Decoration

Storage Blocks









Polisher Towel: (can use any type of wool)


This is how you make a cut version of an uncut gem. (you will need Polisher and Polisher Towel to make it).


Uranium Liquid: (will become a new fuel in the newer update, as i plan on making a custom workbench thing).


Last but not least, you can ofcourse also reclaim the blocks from a storage block:


Tool Tiers:

Ofcourse there are the vanilla tiers wood, stone, iron, diamond (0, 1, 2, 3). But i added 12 new tool sets:

  • Tin (tier 1) it is tier 1 but it has fewer uses then stone.
  • Copper (tier 1) same for copper.
  • Chromite (tier 2) just a little bit better then iron
  • Tanzanite (tier 2) just a little bit better then chromite
  • Bronze (tier 2) better then iron, a good replacement for iron.
  • Silver (tier 3) not yet as good as diamond.
  • Steel (tier 4) yes this one is better then diamond
  • Cobalt (tier 4) This is one of the best pickaxes in the game.
  • Mithril (tier 5) The best pickaxe. This is the only tier that can mine Titanium, Uranium and Blackdiamond and has 3216 uses

The 3 following are tier 3 but have the highest enchantability (just a little bit better then gold)

  • Sapphire (tier 3) not yet as good as silver.
  • Ruby (tier 3) this one is like silver.
  • Emerald (tier 3) a bit better then silver.

In order to get to the dimension you will need to have one Silver Ore and 10 or 14 mossy cobblestone. But in order to mine almost anything in the soul forest dimension you will need a Silver pickaxe or better. There are exceptions like Opal (which can be mined by anything) and Titanium, Uranium and Black Diamond (which is the highest tier of blocks and can only be mined by mithril).



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