Still Hungry Recipes

The stove:
The new custom furnace is the stove, which lets you cook new recipes using a frying pan or other utensils.Crafting:

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You need a frying pan to use the majority of the stove recipes, it is placed above the flame inside the stove.

Frying pan:

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The stove can’t cook the recipes a furnace can, so you still need to use a furnace for that, but it does require fuel such as wood or coal.

Stove Recipes:
Taco shell:
6f4a8  9ltjj Still Hungry Recipes
+3 hungerTaco:
6f4a8  SB32h Still Hungry Recipes
+7 hunger

Lamb steak:
6f4a8  rdvpw Still Hungry Recipes
+ 5 hunger

6f4a8  zk5Sg Still Hungry Recipes
+3 hunger

Scrambled egg:
692b5  OuDne Still Hungry Recipes
+4 hunger

Fried egg:
692b5  yvpk2 Still Hungry Recipes
+2 hunger

Omelette x2
692b5  CcieT Still Hungry Recipes
+2 hunger (each)

692b5  CDQTS Still Hungry Recipes
+5 hunger

French toast:
692b5  qUyGI Still Hungry Recipes
+3 hunger

Hot chocolate:
692b5  VnT5H Still Hungry Recipes
+2 health regain

Additional cooking:
We have also made a few new items for the furnace.Cooked squid meat:
692b5  pySbK Still Hungry Recipes
+3 hunger

Cooked lamb:
692b5  Tupsx Still Hungry Recipes
+4 hunger

New food recipes:
Apple pancakes:
692b5  R1ZyW Still Hungry Recipes
+5 1/2 hungerBeef burger:
692b5  HfRiD Still Hungry Recipes
+10 hunger

Chicken burger:
692b5  RqtSC Still Hungry Recipes
+8 hunger

Lamb burger:
692b5  HDoNM Still Hungry Recipes
+10 hunger

Pork burger:
692b5  GUsvk Still Hungry Recipes
+10 hunger

Apple pie x2:
692b5  vsqvK Still Hungry Recipes
+4 hunger (each)

Box lunch:
692b5  l2uJf Still Hungry Recipes
+5 hunger

Chocolate bar x2:
692b5  iPgW4 Still Hungry Recipes
+2 hunger (each)

Muffin x3:
692b5  frkNp Still Hungry Recipes
+2 hunger (each)

Chocolate muffin x3:
692b5  ixAl3 Still Hungry Recipes
+2 hunger (each)

Fruit salad:
692b5  C3DPj Still Hungry Recipes
+6 1/2 hunger

692b5  z7J2x Still Hungry Recipes
+4 hunger

Strawberry jam:
692b5  0rqQQ Still Hungry Recipes

Apple jam:
692b5  D4Tl1 Still Hungry Recipes

Melon jam:
692b5  6NxoT Still Hungry Recipes

Strawberry jam sandwich:
692b5  XtcJh Still Hungry Recipes
+8 hunger

Apple jam sandwich:
692b5  tt3R3 Still Hungry Recipes
+8 hunger

Melon jam sandwich:
692b5  GQxes Still Hungry Recipes
+8 hunger

Other crafting:
692b5  fn85x Still Hungry RecipesFlour:
692b5  76rHR Still Hungry Recipes

407c2  JwWwj Still Hungry Recipes

Jam jar:
407c2  f8Gkc Still Hungry Recipes

Hedge: perfect for any garden
407c2  WK64T Still Hungry Recipes

Rose hedge:
407c2  CTx7A Still Hungry Recipes

Dandelion hedge:
407c2  1FBhn Still Hungry Recipes

Strawberry: Strawberries work in exactly the same way as wheat, going through 8 stages of growth when planted near water, when harvested, they will drop strawberries and possibly some seeds. They will spawn at random in patches in the world where there is grass.Rice: Again, works in exactly the same way. Simple right?

You can also now obtain seeds for these plants by placing one of their dropped crops in the crafting grid:
407c2  WGQAv Still Hungry Recipes407c2  NMutx Still Hungry Recipes


  1. The french toast isn’t working

    • how do you use a barrel

  2. ;

  3. sd

  4. uhh… how to make chocolate milk?

  5. cheese?

  6. there is no chocolate milk there is hot chocolate which is made from chocolate(milk cocoa sugar)and milk

  7. there is no chocolate milk there is hot chocolate which is made from chocolate(milk cocoa sugar)and milk

  8. does anyone know how to make a wine barrel?

    • three wooden planks on top, three on bottom and then three iron the the middle row. :3

  9. what about french fries???Whats there chafting recapie??????

  10. how do i make ramen? the recipe isn’t on this site

  11. whenever i try to use the lunchbox my game crashes


    • me too

  12. Hey! 17CupsOfCoffee here, I coded the Still Hungry mod. Just thought I’d come and let you know that the lunchbox crash issue was fixed in the last update, and the missing/outdated recipes are always kept 100% up to date in the official thread on the Minecraft Forums. I’m not sure if linking it will get me flagged as spam though, so I’d recommend googling ‘Still Hungry Minecraft’ – we’re the top result 🙂

  13. No wine and cider

  14. i cant use the lunchbox or my game crashes to

  15. french toast not working

  16. If u want cheese the crafting is: bucket of milk put it in a furnace and smelt it after that get the bucket of cheese in the furnace that u smelted and put it in a crafting table and u get cheese

  17. If u want to craft a lunch box the crafting is: 3clay on the top of the crafting table 2iron on the middle
    line on the sides and 3iron on the bottom

  18. any servers that use this mod???

  19. huh, is there any way to get this chat service on another website?

  20. whats the lunch box for? and can you craft it?

  21. I think good

  22. awsome

  23. hi yes you can craft the lunch box

  24. I LOVVVEEEEE THIS MMMMOOOOOOOOODDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..

  25. Are these all the foods?

  26. how do you craft juice

  27. This mod is awesome keep up the work developers

  28. French Toast is bread and eggs in a frying pan

  29. Two things:
    First, how do you harvest rice? Whenever I break it nothing turns up.
    Second, how do you make wine and cider? I use CraftGuide but not even that shows how to.
    I am using the version of the mod for 1.7.10. (lol it’s the big hit with good mods)

    • Never mind, I was in creative. Lol.



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