Suntorch Recipes

1.) The suntorch

Suntorch Mod

After combining the mysterious power of an ender pearl and the powerful light of 3 glowstone, you were able to get yourself the suntorch. It shines with the power of the sun itself. It is a small light source, so it’s not as bright as the sun but it’s energy is able to light skeletons and zombies on fire.

2.) The crystal of evil

Suntorch Mod

After enchanting a diamond with the power of 2 ender pearls and the souls of several different monsters, you got this strange crystal. It seems to attack living things, your fingers hurt as you touched it.

3.) The evil suntorch

Suntorch Mod

You split the crystal into small shards and added those shards to your suntorches. The result looked exactly as you thought it would. After the light from the suntorch travels through the small shards, it seems to absorb it’s powers. These suntorches set all hostile mobs on fire.

4.) The moontorch

Suntorch Mod

After you discovered the evil suntorch, you had the idea that there must be a way to use the evil crystal’s powers in a more efficient way. You took another crystal and one of your evil suntorches and tried compressing the crystal to get it on the torch. After you tried compressing the crystal a bit, a bright flash came from the crafting table and the torch changed into something new. The new torch emits a strange blue flame and weird particles. It has enough power to set every living creature on fire, including you so watch out when using it!

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  1. moontorch sounds aaaawwwweeeesssssooooommmmeeeeeee but too bad I only have it on PS4



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