Thaumcraft Changelogs


  • Update to 1.4.7
  • Welcome to tier 3!
  • Possible fix for corrupt nodeid count
  • Thaumcraft monster worldspawns can now be disabled in the config settings
  • Some server config settings will now be sent to the client whenever it connects
  • Fixed crash when displaying aspects of items without actual aspects
  • Added warded glass
  • Warded stone, glass and arcane door is now set to be completely unbreakable even for the person that placed them. They can only be picked up by using a casting wand on them.
  • Added iron and gold keys to grant others access to an arcane door. See your thaumonomicon for details.
  • Added warded pressure plates (new research)
  • Arcane levitators are now more responsive and individual levitators in a stack can be powered down to reduce the levitation height. Only levitators above (or below) the one that has been powered down will be counted for lift or fall distance
  • Aura node rarity is now configurable.
  • For texture pack makers: ss_core.png was getting a bit crowded so some stuff has been moved to ss_world.png
  • Added another source of the aura aspect
  • Added another source of the Mutatio aspect
  • Golems no longer flee when damaged. It caused more problems than it prevented
  • Added amber blocks and bricks. Blocks are crafted with 4 amber and amber bricks with 4 amber blocks. All of these can be converted back into amber.
  • Rebalanced the casting wands (wand of the apprentice, adept and thaumaturge)
  • Casting wands now have their own gui elements
  • Changed the way data is stored for casting wands.
  • Slowed casting wand recharge rates while in inventory. Wands now recharge at the same rate in both tables and the players inventory. Higher tier wands have higher recharge rates.
  • *WARNING*: Due to these changes there is a very small chance that existing casting wands with damage might break. You may also need to remove any wands from crafting tables and hold them in your inventory for a moment before they will start working with the new system.
  • In the ongoing battle to prevent data loss, research data is now saved with the players vanilla NBT data. As a happy side-effect this seems to solve the offline/online issue. \o/
  • Aura data is now saved as part of the normal MC chunk data. As a result any kind of aura operations now only takes place on nodes in loaded chunks. This has already been true for the most part, but previously a small number of operations could still take place even in unloaded chunks.
  • Added several new enchants – check your thaumonomicon for details. They do not require research to unlock.


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