Thaumic Energistics Screenshots

Discoveries await!

Central components, allows converting essentia to and from a digital state.

Input / Output
Imports and exports essentia from the network.

Essentia Terminal(left) allows you to monitor how much essentia is the network. Arcane Crafting Terminal(right) allows you to craft Thaumcraft’s arcane recipes with access to the ME network.

Storage Components
Stores essentia digitally. Standard 1k-64k sizes.

Storage Cells
Protective housing and network interface for storage components.

Cell Workbench
Allows you to partition cells, specifying what essentia types are allowed to be stored.

Essentia Provider(left) uses Thaumcraft’s suction mechanic(tubes) to allow devices to extract essentia from the network. Infusion Provider(right) uses Thaumcraft’s infusion mechanic(matrix) to export essentia from the network.

Vis Relay Interface
Interfaces with the Vis Relay network, allowing your A.C.T. to charge wands.

Replacement for the wooden crank, can crank multiple devices simultaneously, and even allow your golems to crank for you!


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