The Barrels Recipes

Barrels can be very handy for small spaces, buildings such as barns or sheds. Perhaps even as a replacement of chests all together. The great thing is; the barrels are also great for aesthetics. The developer of the mod: Need4Poop402, has taken the time and inserted all of his experience and time into creating the barrel, and it’s texture extremely well. The barrels texture(s) are very well made, unique, but still similar to the Default texture pack of Minecraft. This means that the mod will almost seem as if it were an official update of Minecraft as a result. There are three types of barrels that can be crafted by following separate recipes. These different barrels are:

  1. Barrel
  2. Ender Barrel
  3. Quantum Barrel

These Barrels each have different storage capacities and also different features as an addition. The first barrel can hold 64 stacks of an item inside of it. The second barrel, the Ender Barrel; can hold 1024 stacks of an item, which is a very large amount. Finally, the third, Quantum Barrel can hold 4096 stacks of an item.

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