The Fallout Recipes

Pip-Boy-3000: As of right now, the pipboy functions as an extra eight slots of inventory which can hold any item, besides another pipboy. Right click to open the inventory. Multiple pipboys can exist at the same time and ARE NOT player specific. This means, on a server, if you place something in your pipboy and give it to someone else, they will receive those items.

The Fallout Mod 4 The Fallout Recipes

Empty Syringe: The empty syringe is used to craft many of the chems found in this mod.

The Fallout Mod 5 The Fallout Recipes

Bottle Cap: The currency of the Fallout universe. However, no merchants will accept these as of right now.

The Fallout Mod 6 The Fallout Recipes

Leather Belt: Currently only used in the super stimpak recipe

The Fallout Mod 7 The Fallout Recipes


The Fallout Mod 8 The Fallout Recipes

The Fallout Mod 9 The Fallout Recipes



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