The Fallout Screenshots

There are two types of Stimpaks, the standard Stimpak and the Super Stimpak. They both will restore an amount of health, displayed on the item, to the user instantly. The heal scales off of your medicine skill as well. Stimpaks can be crafted into Auto-Inject Stimpaks, which will, when the user falls below 50% health, will activate immediately.


Med-X and Psycho: Med-X will increase your resistance to all forms of damage, while psycho gives you a bonus to all damage that you output.


RadAway and RadX: Now that radiation is in the game, you need to be careful what you eat and drink. RadAway will remove an amount of radiation, amount displayed on the item, and Rad-X will increase your radiation resistance for two minutes.


All Fallout: New Vegas pistols and rifles, with their sounds, have been added. Simply right click to fire and press ?r’ to reload. The missile launcher as well as the frag grenade have been added. To turn off terrain damaging explosions go into the cfg file for this mod and set the value to false. The only legitimate way to obtain a gun as of right now is by finding a 10mm pistol inside a dungeon chest, albeit extremely rare as well as no way to obtain ammo.

Some chems have been added as well, to use them right click. For some stat boosting chems, like psycho, there will be a varying percent chance that you become addicted. To remove addiction, use the chem Fixer, which unfortunately is unobtainable right now. Antivenom behaves a little differently than the other chems, for some reason it can only be consumed in non-creative game modes. It will remove the potion effects of poison, confusion and weakness.

More options to control how this mod behaves are available in the cfg file.


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