The Sabotage (Trolling) Recipes

Poison Foodstuffs

At the moment, there are 6 types of Poison Foodstuffs. Poison Chicken, Poison Steak, Poison Porkchops, Poison Carrots, Poison Potatoes and Poison Mushroom Stew.
When consumed the player will get Poison, Slowness, Mining Fatigue, Blindness and Nausea. At the moment there is no way to tell real food from poisoned food.

Poisoned Foodstuffs are created by putting their respective food in the center of the Crafting Bench, Cooked Chicken for Poison Chicken, Steak for Poison Steak, etc. Then surround the food with 4 spider eyes.
Here’s an example with a Poison Porkchop:


Explosive Crafting Table & Explosive Furnace:

The Explosive Crafting Table and Furnace act basically the same way. When right clicked, they will blow up a few seconds afterward. The block below them gets deleted and immediately afterwards, TNT is spawned. The block below will not be deleted if it is
a Water block, however, so you can make it a harmless explosion. The crafting recipes are as follows:

Explosive Crafting Table:


Explosive Furnace:


Detonator/Suicide Bomber Chestplate:

The Detonator and the Suicide Bomber Chestplate work together. When worn, the Suicide Bomber Chestplate is useless on it’s own.
However, when worn and when the Detonator is right clicked, you will explode. The Suicide Bomber Chestplate looks basically like
an Iron Chestplate, but with wires on the back below the neck. The crafting recipes are as follows:



Suicide Bomber Chestplate:




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