Thievius Raccoonus: Sly Cooper Recipes


A free-standing alternative to ladders! Useful and better alternative to 1×1 towers.
Attributes: Works like a ladder, can be placed anywhere except in the air, has falling pyhsics and needs a pickaxe to be picked up.
Crafting:Requires 3 iron in a vertical line to craft. You get 3 poles in return NOT TWO!
Sly Cooper Mod

Smoke Glass
A resistant glass useful for spying from the shadows in protection.
Attributes: Lets in less light that normal glass and has the same resistance of a block of iron.
Crafting:Sly Cooper Mod

Jump Booster
Gives you an extra boost for those hard to reach places!
Attributes: 1 pad will allow you to jump over a fence, join pads up and stand on the corners so you are touching all of them to give yourself a massive boost. (up to 4 pads)
Crafting:Sly Cooper Mod

A stealthy wire used to tread through the air.
Attributes: To keep the blocky feel of Minecraft the wire is like a small half step that can only be placed on the top half of blocks. You cannot stay on it by holding shift and it’s also slightly difficult to balance on, keep yourself steady.
Crafting:Sly Cooper Mod


Sly Cooper Mod Clockwerk Part: Used to craft Clockwerk armor, dropped by Clockwerk.

Sly Cooper ModSmokePowder
A thief’s hidden secret, SmokePowder. Turns you invisible for 10 seconds, consumes 1/2 hunger point. NOTE: You cannot use this when on full hunger. (Cause I’m mean like that.)
Crafting:Sly Cooper Mod

Sly Cooper ModCoalDust
A natural shadow masking substance. Used to craft Smoke Glass.
Crafting: Place a piece of coal into the crafting bench to get 8 coal dust.


Sly Cooper’s family heir loom, the Cane.
Attributes: Same as Diamond
Sly Cooper Mod

Sly Cooper’s family heir loom, the Cane. However this one is quicker
Attributes: 3 Uses, Insta-kills mobs.
Sly Cooper Mod


Sly Cooper’s Mask of Identity.
Attributes: Same as Iron
Crafting:Sly Cooper Mod

Sly’s Boots
Sly Cooper’s Smexy Blue Boots
Attributes: Same as Iron
Crafting:Sly Cooper Mod

Clockwerk Armor
Sly Cooper’s arch enemy’s parts forged into immortal armor.
Attributes: Better than Diamond!
Sly Cooper ModSly Cooper ModSly Cooper ModSly Cooper Mod
Crafting:Usual crafting made with clockwerk parts:Sly Cooper Mod



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