Too Many Spiders Screenshots

The Spiders:

Pig Spider

  • Pig Spiders Spawn Only In Plains Biome And
  • Are Passive Like A Pig
  • Like A Pig You Can Ride Them With A Saddle And To Control Them Use Carrot On A Stick
  • This Has A SpawnEgg

Friendly Spider

  • Friendly Spiders Are Really Rare And Spawn In Every Biome At Day or Night
  • They Will Only Attack You If You Attack Them First
  • You Can Tame Them Using A Bone Like A Wolf
  • Once Tamed They Will Follow You If Right Clicked Without Holding AnyThing They Will Sit
  • If You Attack Something Or Something Attacks You They Will Attack That Mob
  • This Has A Spawn Egg Like The Pig Spider

Demon Spider

  • The Demon Spider Is A Hostile Mob, It Spawns At Night
  • Is Has Smoking Particle Effects And Will Fly And Shoot Fire Like A Blaze And A Ghast Would But The Fire It Shoots Does Not Explode
  • It Also Has A SpawnEgg

Creep Spider

  • The Creep Spider Spawns Like Everything Else
  • But It Attacks By Exploding Like A Creeper
  • This Has A SpawnEgg Like Everything Else

Ender Spider

  • The EnderSpider Is VERY Rare And Teleports Like The Enderman
  • It Only Attacks You If You Look At It Or Attack It


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