TreeOres Recipes


To craft first you will need a TreeStation:

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Next you need to craft saplings of resource type, just use any sapling and blocks (single items for diamonds and emeralds)

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Next you need to craft Transformers. There are 3 Transformers, normal, nether and reinforced

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Next you can craft the resources with Transformers and the type of logs, Quartz and Glowstone need Nether Transformer and Obsidian needs Reinforced,example diamond = diamond log, iron = iron log, there’s one exception the Redstone, Lapis and Glowstone, you get blocks because you get multiple then you mine them. YOU don’t need many transformers, they will be returned to inventory after using

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You can also craft less than 8, just craft with less logs, it’s shapeless so it does not matter there you put things(not top one) heres example

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7 logs – 7 diamonds, 6-6,5-5,4-4,3-3,2-2,1-1.



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