Trio Gems Screenshots and Recipes

Gem Information:

( Each Update will change the properties of each gem / tool / armor )

There are 13 different Gems:


Stronger then gold, Little less durability then the Diamond, Generates in the world like Iron

Trio Gems Mod


Equivalent as the Ruby, But has a bit more durability. But isn’t as strong as the Ruby.

Trio Gems Mod


Stronger then Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire. Durability is higher then diamond, and mines .3 seconds faster then Diamond. Emerald ore generates in the world like diamond ( hard to find )

(It’s a regular vinilla emerald gem)

Trio Gems Mod

Trio Gem: (Crafted using Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald )

Has 2x more durability then the Emerald.

Trio Gems Mod


( can be placed in any order )

Trio Gems Mod

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  1. Nice never seen that craft! (good job!)



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