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These rotting corpses are the standard enemy in minecraft, but ever wonder why it is only them that rise from the dead at night?
You need to be careful when fighting them in UnDeath! as if they win, your corpse may just join them ..
This undead monstrosity will still partially look like you, and it has enough sense to be wearing what you were wearing when you died ……. and to pick the best weapon it can understand…

bcd58  cwXsvSn UnDeath Screenshots


The skeletal archers you are all familiar with take on a sinister turn, as they seek to corrupt players to be like them.
These new archers will also resemble your skin as your corpse rises from the dead, but be carefull, they hate you just as much.
They will prefer inifnity bows, but are happy to use a sword if they dont have any bow or arrows.

bcd58  P6PrKe5 UnDeath Screenshots
bcd58  OLbg3uM UnDeath Screenshots

Zombie Pigmen

The corruption is spreading! However just like the normal zombie pigmen, Your corpse does not hate you …. yet.

bcd58  khdeBWw UnDeath Screenshots


These slimey things are not undead, and have no interest in corruption or necromancy, instead they are just partial to digesting you, sometimes the items get left behind.

bcd58  o1GHDxq UnDeath Screenshots


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