Universal Coins Recipes

The first step you will need to craft the selling catalog. This item does nothing by itself, but is required to craft the trading station. The recipe is as follows:

Universal Coins Mod Tutorial 1

You will then craft the Universal Coins Trading Station with this recipe:

Universal Coins Mod Tutorial 2

The Trade Station:

Universal Coins Mod Tutorial 3

The interface:

Universal Coins Mod Tutorial 4

Selling a block or item is done by sticking it in the upper left slot. The Buy and Sell buttons will activate if the item has a price set in the config files. By default, clicking sell will sell one item. Shift+Click on the sell button will sell the entire stack of the item. Selling damaged armor, tools, or weapons will return a portion of the item price displayed. Enchanted items cannot be sold.

Buying a block or item is similar. Just click, or shift+click the buy button to get one or one stack respectively. If an enchanted item is placed in the input slot, buying a new item will return a new item without enchantments.

The auto buy and sell modes are selected by clicking on the “Mode” button. Be careful when putting items into the Trade Station, if the current mode is “Sell”, it will sell all of what you put in without remorse. Always check the mode. Especially if you have other players messing with things. If this is disabled in the main config, the area this would normally be will be blank.

Universal Coins Mod Tutorial 5

Vending Blocks

Universal Coins Mod Tutorial 6

Crafting recipe for stone vending block. There are 16 different types of vending blocks that can be crafted by replacing the item in the lower left and lower right slot of the crafting table. Use NEI to see all the recipes.

Universal Coins Mod Tutorial 7

Vending blocks allow a player to sell items for any price they want. When a vending block is placed in the world, the player that places it becomes the owner. Right clicking the block will open the owner GUI. This GUI allows the owner to set the item sold and price. There are 9 slots to fill with inventory to be sold. A sample of the item to be sold is placed in the upper left slot of the GUI. The item in this slot will not be sold. It is just there to identify what is being sold.

Universal Coins Mod Tutorial 8

If another player right clicks on the vending block, they will see the buyer GUI. The buy button will be disabled if there isn’t enough coins inserted, the vending block is out of inventory, or the output slot is full.

Universal Coins Mod Tutorial 9

To move a vending block that you own, right click with a wrench while holding down shift. You cannot move a vending block if you don’t own it. Vending blocks are not breakable.

Vending Wrench

Universal Coins Mod Tutorial 10

This is a special wrench for admins or OPs. It is not craftable. Opening the vending block GUI with this wrench by right clicking. The wrench GUI allows a player to change block owners or enable of disable the infinite mode. With infinite enabled, inventory is not used. The vending block will still collect the buyer’s coins unless disabled in the main config file.


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