VoiceCraft Commands

English German Explanation
Open Inventory Inventar öffnen
Close GUI GUI schließen Close the current GUI (Chat, Inventory, etc,)
Open Chat Chat öffnen
Jump Springen
Go forward Vorwärts gehen
Stop Anhalten
Run Laufen
Sneak Schleichen
Go backwards Rückwärts gehen
Fly Fliegen
Speech recognition Spracherkennung Activate / Deactivate the speech recognition
Drop item Item wegwerfen
Go left Nach links gehen
Go right Nach rechts gehen
Right click Rechtsklick
Dogs Hunde Let dogs near you sit down (only your own dogs)
Show list Liste anzeigen Show / hide the command gui
Undo Rückgängig machen Remove the last command from the command gui
Process list Liste abarbeiten Do the things you put on the command gui
Wait 1 second 1 Sekunde warten add a wait 1 second command to the command gui
Wait 5 seconds 5 Sekunden warten add a wait 5 second command to the command gui


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