Wandcraft Recipes


Blank Wand

The blank wand is used to craft all but one of the wands. Crafting is it’s only function.

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Wand of Ender

The wand of ender is just a heck of a lot of ender pearls in a wand.

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Wand of Explosion

The wand of explosion fires an explosion at wherever you aim. Unlike ender pearls, the explosion goes in a straight line without dropping. It has a maximum time of 5 seconds.

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Wand of Fireball

The wand of fireball is like the wand of explosion but sets fire to the surrounding area as well.

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Wand of Lightning

The wand of lightning calls a bolt of lightning down to wherever you right click. This has a 16-block radius and is instantaneous.

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Wand of Time

The wand of time changes the time to the start of day if it is night time, and the start of night if it is daytime.

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Wand of Speed

The wand of speed makes you move faster when right click is held.

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Wand of Dimension


The wand of dimension brings up a gui on right click. This will have a number of button which will teleport you to a different dimension.

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Wand of Poison

The wand of poison fires a poison shot which applies a poison effect to an mob it collides with. KNOWN BUG: Poison shot is invisible.

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Wand of Jump

The wand of jump makes you jump higher when right click is held.

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Wand of Regeneration

The wand of regeneration heals you when right click is held.

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Wand of Breath

The wand of breath fills up your underwater breath bar on right click. KNOWN BUG: Fills breath bar up too far.

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