Weapons + Items


Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher:

Launcher A Projectile Explosive That Explodes On Impact. Uses “Rocket Propelled Grenade” For Ammo.

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Shoots A Beam Of Fire That Ignites Everything It Touches. Uses “Gas Tanks” As Ammo.

9a41d  RfSjdx6 Weapons + Items


This Weapon Is A 1-Hit Kill On Most Mobs. To Fire, Hold Right Click (Like Eating A Steak). Uses Railgun Ammo.

9a41d  XRRTC8S Weapons + Items

Laser Gun:

Uses Energy Crystals And Has 3 Different Modes [Damage, Stun, Explosive]. Shift + Right Click To Change Modes.

9a41d  OTcOuP6 Weapons + Items

Snow Cannon:

Shoots 16 Snowballs At A Time And Creates Snow Blocks Where They Land. Unlimited Fire In Creative Mode.

4bf1c  j9GLZ7d Weapons + Items

Ender Cannon:

Uses Energy Crystals. Creates And Fires Enderpearl Entities. It’s Also Oversized.

4bf1c  0nQxAc9 Weapons + Items

Poisen-Edge Sword:

A Sword That Poisens Mobs And Players When Attacked. Same Strength As A Diamond Sword.

Energy Sword:

A Sword That Can Switch Modes [Damage, Fire, Super Knockback, Stun]. Shift + Right Click To Switch.

Rift Blade:

A Sword That Teleports You Like An Enderman. Hold Shift + Right Click For 4 Seconds To Teleport Randomly.

Throwable Sword:

Right Click To Throw. Will Currently Loose If Thrown At Mobs.

4bf1c  QiWUfUd Weapons + Items

Invisibility Suit:

As Long As The Player Wears A Full Set, The Player Will Be Completely Invisible! Not Very Protective.

4bf1c  epSspf8 Weapons + Items

Land Mine:

Explodes If Anything Touches It [Mobs, Players, Drops, Etc,]

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