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Weapons Plus Mod 1 Weapons Plus Screenshots


Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher:
Launcher A Projectile Explosive That Explodes On Impact. Uses “Rocket Propelled Grenade” For Ammo.
A9ZSubx Weapons Plus Screenshots

Shoots A Beam Of Fire That Ignites Everything It Touches. Uses “Gas Tanks” As Ammo.
When The Durability Reaches 0, It Won’t Work Unless You Have A Gas Tank In Your Inventory, In Which Case It Will Be Used.
RfSjdx6 Weapons Plus Screenshots

This Weapon Is A 1-Hit Kill On Most Mobs. To Fire, Hold Right Click (Like Eating A Steak). Uses Railgun Ammo.
XRRTC8S Weapons Plus Screenshots

Laser Gun:
Uses Energy Crystals And Has 3 Different Modes [Damage, Stun, Explosive]. Shift + Right Click To Change Modes.
The Durability Is The Energy Level. It Will Use Up An Energy Crystal When It Reaches 0 To Recharge.
OTcOuP6 Weapons Plus Screenshots

Snow Cannon:
Shoots 16 Snowballs At A Time And Creates Snow Blocks Where They Land. Unlimited Fire In Creative Mode.
j9GLZ7d Weapons Plus Screenshots

Ender Cannon:
Uses Energy Crystals. Creates And Fires Enderpearl Entities. It’s Also Oversized.
When The Durability Runs Out, It Can Be Restored By Having An Energy Crystal In Your Inventory.
0nQxAc9 Weapons Plus Screenshots

A Long Ranged Gun, Uses Rifle Bullets For Ammo
Contest Entry By Red-CodeSLC-447
jcF7S21 Weapons Plus Screenshots

Pulse Rifle:
An Energy Weapon With 2 Modes [Single Shot, Automatic] Uses Energy Crystals To Refill Energy
Contest Entry By omega5102
hjsXnLb Weapons Plus Screenshots

Pulse Rifle Mk II:
An Upgraded Version Of The Pulse Rifle With A Higher Rate Of Fire And 2 New Modes [Scatter, Focused Beam] Contest Entry By Crafterkid123Gaming
tC64S7k Weapons Plus Screenshots

Plasma Lance:
A Weapon That Uses A Single Energy Crystal To Activate. While Activated, User’s Speed And Jumps Are Much Faster.
Contest Entry By minecraftguy632
lafcEry Weapons Plus Screenshots

Poison-Edge Sword:
A Sword That Poisons Mobs And Players When Attacked. Same Strength As A Diamond Sword.

Energy Sword:
A Sword That Can Switch Modes [Damage, Fire, Super Knockback, Stun]. Shift + Right Click To Switch.

Rift Blade:
A Sword That Teleports You Like An Enderman. Hold Shift + Right Click For 4 Seconds To Teleport Randomly.

Throwable Sword:
Right Click To Throw. Can Be Picked Up After Hitting A Mob. A Bit Glitchy In Survival.
QiWUfUd Weapons Plus Screenshots

Invisibility Suit:
As Long As The Player Wears A Full Set, The Player Will Be Completely Invisible! Not Very Protective.
epSspf8 Weapons Plus Screenshots

Land Mine:
Explodes If Anything Touches It [Mobs, Players, Drops, Etc,]

Missile System:

Laser Designator:
The Most Important Thing In The Missile System. Right Click The Ground With This To Open A GUI. From The GUI, Select The Missile You Would Like To Summon. It Will Only Be Summoned If You Have That Type Of Missile In Your Inventory, And You Are In Creative.
Contest Entry By coltonj96
O9F6hEb Weapons Plus Screenshots

Missile Types:
There Are 3 Types Of Missiles [Conventional, Incendiary, Nuclear]. They Are All Crafted And Must Be In Your Inventory To Launch Unless You Are In Creative.
I7GQslb Weapons Plus Screenshots

Conventional Missile: About The Same Strength As TNT. Has A Red Beam.

Incendiary Missile: Lights Everything On Fire. Has A Blue Beam.

Nuclear Missile: Destroys EVERYTHING (Warning: Can Lag Servers)

Missile GUI:
W8gseYO Weapons Plus Screenshots


Uranium Ore:
Can Be Found Rarely In The Overworld. It Emits Light And Looks Like This:
et1GfLa Weapons Plus Screenshots

Uranium Refiner:
Right Click This Block With Uranium Ore In Your Inventory To Convert It Into Refined Uranium Rods.

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