Wild Caves Changelogs


  • Changed and optimized many things in the code (slightly easier to update now)
  • Reduced the damage received when falling on the stalactites to half (but they will more reliably apply the damage)
  • Fixed sandstone stalactites not causing damage when falling on them
  • Stalactites destroyed by the world now drop their items correctly
  • Stalactites placed by the player now drop themselves if placed on an invalid position, instead of being destroyed (temporary fix)
  • The algorithm to check if the stalactites can stay now checks if the whole structure is connected to a solid block
  • Creative block pick works again
  • Made stalactites solid blocks (they are pillars of stone after all, you shouldn’t be able to walk through them like plants)
  • Changed the stalactite’s hardness to make them faster to mine (were harder than stone to break, now they’re easier/faster)
  • Added the skulls/heads (except the whither skull) to the dungeon loot list (more incentives to explore the caves for dungeons)
  • Skeleton skulls now generate on all caves. (the probability might need some tweaking)
  • Added config option for the generation of skulls on caves


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