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Hunter’s Handgun

te1J2zS Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

Like most decent handguns, this one fires bullets. Bullets are great.

Holding right click when the gun is empty, with a full magazine in your inventory will reload the weapon.

Right clicking with a loaded magazine will fire.

When a magazine is loaded, the damage bar will show you, roughly, how many shots are left.

The bar on the grip of the gun also gives you a color-clue as to what magazine it’s loaded with.

Handgun Parts

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enFgPWK Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

These are simply used to create the gun.


Bullets, of course, are shot from a gun, but you need to put them in a magazine to use them.

Craft 8 with an empty magazine to load it up.

You can’t place a variety of bullets in a single magazine.

Bullets deal solid damage, but the damage is slightly randomized too. Don’t expect a one shot kill to alwaysbe a one shot kill.

Empty – Empty casings are what you’re left with when you fire off a round. They stack up in your inventory and you can’t do anything with them except craft them back into gold nuggets. It’s always a 1:1 ratio.

[Grey] Neutral
PVeH1qc Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

The most basic bullet, it deals decent damage and it’s relatively cheap to make (the gun’s a bit expensive anyway). It has no special effects.

[Yellow] Exorcism
1c9OJAu Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

An enhancement of neutral bullets, these have extra potency against undead mobs: skeletons, zombies, pig zombies, ghasts and withers take at least double damage.

[Red] Blaze
WQOBIhu Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

If you have blaze rods in ample supply, it’s cost effective to use these powerful bullets in place of alternatives. They’re completely useless in the Nether though.

[Green] Concussive
1UmQNf9 Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

These shots are very powerful. A small non-destructive explosion blasts the target area, dealing moderately high damage.

[Black] Buster 
h32LPAL Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

An upgrade to the concussive shot, this heavily ups the explosive ante by making each bullet a well-packaged cluster of TNT. Massive damage, but just as inefficient as TNT for mining.

[Teal] Seeker 
d5cjHTU Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

An interesting bullet that hunts its target if it can get relatively close to it. You don’t really have to aim these, but use them sparingly. They do decent damage, but nothing epic.

[Purple] Ender
gzayK4u Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

These are the uber bullets, aptly named, and they are an upgrade to the Seeker. In addition to hunting targets, they pierce targets and continue to seek new ones. They don’t last long.

Be advised that both Seeker and Ender bullets kill without discrimination. They will seek out any living entity within a 10 block cube centered around the projectile, with the intention of pwning it. Do not fire these near anything you do not wish to be very, very dead.

[Beige] Sand
t6nytu9 Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

These are anti-creeper rounds which also stop the weather. They’re noticeably weaker if fired while raining. It’s beneficial to stop the weather first, if you’re outside. If it’s raining and you’re underground, unfortunately this becomes impossible.

[Blue] Storm
yBXBzmz Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

The opposite of sand shot, this bullet stirs up the weather. It has an unfavorable effect on creepers (unfavorable for you). These bullets do amplified damage during inclement whether conditions, based on the intensity of the weather.


S66NkRh Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

It’s just a magazine filled with 8 bullets of the same type. You can tell by the coloration on the magazine what type it is. These have the same tooltips and effects as their associated bullets, so check “bullets” to see the effects.

Again, holding right click with an empty gun will load a magazine.

Cross of Mercy

I4Hs60x Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

The only thing the undead hate more than a shiny bullet is this heavy thing crashing down on their skulls. It deals a small concussive blast every time it comes in contact with an undead creature. It’s as enchantable as a gold sword, but try to use it sparingly; For twice the cost of a gold sword, it has twice the durability, but that doesn’t mean much. Just left click to swing, pretty straightforward.

It’s officially made of gold, for Touchstone of Midas purposes.

Tome of Alkahest

MSjG8iQ Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

It basically allows you to multiply resources using redstone. The cost is variable.
Certain higher-level materials take different reagents.
Iron takes lapis, gold, emerald and diamond take lapis blocks.

Check out NEI for the recipes. If you’re looking for an in-depth alchemy system, check out EE3. (/shamelessplug)

Holy Hand Grenade

bLARHAx Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

Well, you throw it, and it explodes. It’s very environmentally friendly (unless you consider sheep and chickens and cows part of the environment) and it’s also “tuned” to whoever threw it, meaning the wielder of said explosive need not fear the collateral repercussions of his own device.

It destroys most mobs with relative ease, though it may occasionally take two to clear a room.
They’re worth their weight in gold. Right click to throw.

Coin of Fortune

UKZL3Se Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

This coin teleports items and experience orbs to the player instantly, making it easier to collect whatever it is you’re collecting. Right click to activate or deactivate it; it will glow when it’s enabled.

New power, 1.0.5a and onward: While held in your hand, sneaking and holding right click, the range of the Coin triples. Ish.

Cloak of Distortion

PVpFnid Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

The effect of the cloak is that right clicking while sneaking warps you to the target location for an ender pearl.

Right clicking without sneaking turns the player invisible. As long as the effect is active the player will be invisible for the price of an Ender Pearl every 2 minutes, as long as the cloak is in your inventory. Right click again to disable.

Glowing Water

trdgm2e Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

It’s almost as good as holy water, it’s infused with glowstone. It obliterates the undead, but it costs you a few glowstone dust per bottle so it’s best if used sparingly. It’s also used as an ingredient in a lot of the mod’s items, but it requires the ability to make condensed potions. Right click to throw a bottle.

Glowing Bread

PYiOb8c Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

Infusing a few pieces of bread with precious glowing water gives it miraculous nutritional properties. Each piece of glowing bread restores your hunger to full, and is also much quicker to eat than normal food. Try not to waste too much glowstone dust on bread.

Since 1.0.3, Glowing Water is a bit more expensive, so these are a little harder to make.

Sojourner’s Staff

sekYugI Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

A powerful adventurer’s tool, it absorbs up to 8 stacks worth of torches to store internally. Right clicking with the staff will place a torch on a wall, up to as much as 32 blocks away. Keep in mind however, that for every 6 blocks away from the target wall you are, the cost of placing a torch there increases by 1, to a maximum of 6!

Thus, placing a torch normally comes at no additional charge, but placing one across the room burns through torches rather quickly. No pun intended.

Touchstone of Midas

j0iXa07 Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

A simple enough item, it absorbs glowstone dust in your inventory to restore its charge. Each glowstone dust is worth 4 points of durability on the Touchstone (don’t worry, it never breaks). Each glowstone then goes directly to repairing any item in your inventory that happens to be made of gold. Since it holds about 512 points of durability, this means you can extend the duration of gold-enchanted gear to well beyond their normal lasting power, but it’s especially useful when you’re only using one or two of said items at a time. Be wary of allowing your Touchstone to deplete, or you’ll wind up with a very enchanted, very broken item.

Emperor’s Chalice

oDCfvvI Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

It’s an infinite water bucket, frankly. However, if you’re not aiming directly at a block (as you would with a bucket of water) you will instead drink from the chalice and restore one point (half a drumstick) of hunger, in exchange for half a heart.

Salamander’s Eye

YVMOlwJ Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

The Salamander’s Eye might at first unsettle you, but don’t be alarmed. Holding it allows you to repel ghast fireballs without even hitting them, and blaze fireballs will vaporize before they can touch you. You must be physically holding the Eye in your hand for this effect to work. While holding it, fires near you will be automatically extinguished. It’s the quintessential Nether tool.


STnEzCF Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

The Magicbane is an artifact athame from Nethack I decided to do a small tribute to. It’s not even close to the same item, but bear in mind I had balance to consider.

With a durability of 16, it’s one of the most easily breakable weapons one can acquire. It has some interesting effects: Whenever striking a living thing you have slightly more than a 50% chance of inflicting one of the following status ailments:

Confusion, Blindness, Slowness, Weakness

Any of the four effects individually are cumulative with each other.
Unfortunately, 2 of these effects are entirely useless on mobs, but other players aren’t so lucky.

Regardless, each enchantment on the blade, the enchantment’s level is added to the total damage. So a Fire Aspect II Magicbane would deal its default, plus 2 damage.

It’s officially made of gold, for Touchstone of Midas purposes, and is thus enchantable as gold.

Witherless Rose

7w1ots4 Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

A bit of an endgame item. While this is in your inventory, you are simply immune to the effects of withering. You will still take attack damage, if applicable, but any associated status ailments from Wither attacks are immediately nullified.

Condensed Potion

Three kinds: the base kind (start here if you’re new to crafting these), the splash kind, and the drinkablekind.

Note: These potions stack up to 16 and are typically stronger than their vanilla counterparts. There are also a few potions you cannot normally make in vanilla.


First, you have to create empty vials.
KXrlpkc Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

Then you fill them with ordinary water.

After you have vials of plain ol’ water, you can mix “base potions”:

Base splash:
Ij2dCtx Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

Base drinkable:
3H5wLIX Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

Using these, one can create the rest of the potions.


Love Potion #9 (Top left is a base splash potion, sorry.):
75Mhfku Xeno’s Reliquary Guide
(This has no vanilla counterpart; it causes animals to.. well.. love each other)

lb113Lg Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

Acid (Pain):
5jd2vAx Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

MzdCBPb Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

zfPPsQq Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

i3w1uxB Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

F3GaI72 Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

kwgnWQ2 Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

Ruin (Weak + Slow + Poison):
VhcS2RU Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

rDU4Yep Xeno’s Reliquary Guide
(Fertilizes a 5×5 area, extending your bonemeal at the expense of other ingredients)


ZyFMamW Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

qfVc1HT Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

TVaPFqW Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

mPe4GB5 Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

Xuu8xOS Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

2TUwEB8 Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

tY6dZy6 Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

Fire Warding:
NewP1QR Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

Water Breathing:
VbNY2bc Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

rNOCkOS Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

sB5BgZX Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

Combinations are like two potions in one, and have slightly more than half the original duration of either potion effect, meaning it’s beneficial to make these whenever possible. The extra reagent thrown into the mix is usually negligible.

Potence (4x Jump + 4x Strength):
UPszqbC Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

Celerity (4x Speed + 4x Digging):
DYFeCUu Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

Protection (4x Resistance + 4x Fire Warding):
NfibvKb Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

Panacea (4x Healing + 4x Regeneration + Milk (cures negative ailments)):
JZkmsHF Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

Altar of Alkahestry

FwmgORz Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

This block does nothing unless placed in direct sunlight, during daytime – it requires 2 redstone dust and must be fed manually (you will see redstone puffs, and it will light up and do “stuff” when it activates)

After coming back to visit it around 3 to 5 minecraft days, it will have produced a single glowstone block.

It’s fairly slow, but through the use of Alkahestry, and with a little extra help from a fortune pickaxe, it is capable of paying for itself. It takes quite some time.


3PhqJ0I Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

When crafted with vanilla items, Alkahest will attempt to destroy them in exchange for their Alkahestry reagent: redstone, lapis or lapis blocks (for more valuable objects). Typically mundane items such as dirt or gravel will require a full stack to get anything out of. Crafting less than the amount necessary to produce a single reagent item will simply waste the materials.

Void Tears

eZZ9D01 Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

Right clicking with an empty Void Tear will suck up all of a single item type from your inventory (whatever you currently have the most of) or, if used on a chest, whatever that chest has the most of. This creates a “Sealed Tear” with all those items inside.

When you right click a Sealed Tear, it spews all the items back into your inventory (or a target chest/inventory) and reverts back into an empty tear.

Void Satchels

3KfvJt3 Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

You may want a more permanent, dedicated solution: use a sealed (Blue) Void Tear to create a Void Satchel. Void Satchels start off weak (they can hold only 64 of an item).

Upgrading them for 3 Empty Void Tears permanently increases their capacity by 192. There is no hard-coded limit to the number of times you may upgrade a bag.

Unlike Void Tears, Void Satchels are automatic; as long as they are turned on they will continuously pull their item type into themselves until full.

– Right clicking a chest/inventory tries to empty the satchel into that inventory.
– If not a chest/inventory, right clicking the top of a block (read: aim at ground) spits out a stack.
– Holding shift while right clicking a chest/inventory will instead take as much of its item type from the inventory as possible.
-Right clicking will try to turn the satchel off unless you’re clicking a chest.

You can tell when a Satchel is deactivated, because it will not have an “enchantment glow”.

Wraith Node and Wraith’s Eye

EIKsPcT Xeno’s Reliquary Guide
It does nothing by itself.

XgHTbew Xeno’s Reliquary Guide
The Wraith’s Eye allows you to “bind” to a Node. Once bound, the Eye will show you its bound coordinates in a tooltip.

From that point forward, right clicking with the eye (as long as you’re not clicking a node), for the price of an Ender Pearl, will instantly transport you back to the Node, unless the Node is destroyed or the area has no room for you for some nefarious reason.

The Wraith’s Eye retains the powers of the Salamander’s Eye, as well.

Note that it will not work across different dimensions.

Lilypad of Fertility

rMUWGUc Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

Crafted using excessive amounts of Condensed Fertility Serum, this lilypad has been endowed with permanent crop-growing characteristics, causing crops near it to grow faster when placed.

Destruction Catalyst

l3Y0I6x Xeno’s Reliquary Guide

This flint, once transformed by the touchstone of Midas, has the ability to spark gunpowder off without a need for sand or silly things such as fuses. It applies potent destruction in a 3x3x3 cube for the price of 3 gunpowder.

It has another advantage, that it will only destroy mundane blocks like dirt, gravel and stone. Unlike the Destruction Catalyst of olde, however, it literally destroys them. You receive no drops for blocks which are destroyed by the Destruction Catalyst.

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