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08ec2  Your Records Mod 1 Your Records Screenshots

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Disco ?Cube’: This is a block (and a bit) of an attempt to introduce disco balls into Minecraft. Crafted as shown below and when a redstone current is applied, it will shoot out sparkling particles. (Left no power, right power)

ea6fb  Your Records Mod 3 Your Records Screenshots

Particle Thrower: This block will be placed depending on the direction you are facing. When a redstone current is applied, it will shoot out particles ? just like the name suggests! Try seeing when it is placed next to snow or fire etc.

31f26  Your Records Mod 4 Your Records Screenshots

Colored Floor: This is very similar to the Twinkle Floor, except it changes colors rather than twinkles. You can craft the normal Colored Floor (left). When it is powered, it will change to the middle. The Colored Floor can also be crafter into the Powered Colored Floor, which will also be changing colors.

31f26  Your Records Mod 5 Your Records Screenshots

Twinkle Floor: The twinkle floor is exactly like the one the above, except it twinkles. There is also the ?Powered’ variant of this block on the right.

39633  Your Records Mod 6 Your Records Screenshots


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