BuyCraft Review


Have a large or small minecraft server that is getting hard to pay? Or just looking to make some cash off your server? BuyCraft is for you!

What BuyCraft does is lets you sell packages, commands, In Game money or really anything you can give as a command for a certain amount of real money!

You think no one would pay a minecraft server for ranks or other in game items? I know differently! If you have ever played capture the flag on then you will see many people that have bought all the ranks!

Now BuyCraft does cost a little bit of money, but you can have as many ranks and packages and servers on your account as you like, for about $5 per month depends on how many months you buy at a time!

Basically all you have to do to set it up is install the program, get the secret key from your own account (so you get all the money) into the plugin config and the rest is set up in buycraft, now on buycraft all you have to do is give the title of what your selling and a small description, a price, the command to execute once payment cleared and which servers to sell it on.

Once that is done anyone who types /buy in games sees that and can buy from you! Signup under my link if you like the review


  1. Used this before… it was easy to use but the buy command conflicts with other plugins

  2. A very good plugin my friend used it for odacraft and it worked pretty well for him

  3. Works awesome! No glitches no nothing! If you ever see me im jlemon by the way

  4. I have used Buycraft for a long time. The plugin works perfectly and has decent customization options. The store looks clean and nice no matter what theme you use unlike Enjin. The only problem I have with Buycraft is the Customer Service. It is painfully slow….. It took them 3-4 days to reply to my ticket, then I responded to them and its been another day with no response. There are few problems with Buycraft, but if you have one…. Good luck fixin it by yourself 🙂



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